A first by high-speed train

A first by high-speed train
Children who participated in the training programs carried out within the framework of Konya Dost Eli Association took the fast train for the first time.
A group of children of families who received support from the association due to the lack of livelihood, went to Ankara after the schools became vacant. The 37 students and 7 staff organized by the Association of Dost Eli participated in the first trip in Ankara.
The children who lived an unforgettable day in Ankara first visited Sincan Wonderland Fairy Tale Island. Here themselves a
children who felt in the fairy tale were observed to be quite happy. Children visiting the Hacı Bayram mosque and tomb at noon later experienced the excitement of seeing hundreds of fish species in the aquarium at the borders of Keçiören Municipality. The Turkish World Ethnographic Museum within the Turkish Cultural Center of Estergon was also visited with curious eyes and the excitement of the children reached the peak with a cable car trip. Mevlüt Yıldırım, Vice Chairman of Dost Eli Association Board of Directors, made a statement about the purpose of this trip. Iz While we care about the education of our children in this society as they see our future, we wish them to develop their sense of emotion and carry our human values ​​to the future by experiencing the excitement they never experienced in places they never saw. We see that the horizons of these children, which have been growing in very difficult conditions with such travel programs, have improved and their confidence has increased. Bu

Mevlüt YILDIRIM at the end of his statement; Konya Selcuklu Municipality and Ankara Kecioren Municipality, who supported themselves during the trip to Ankara, said; Most of these children are orphaned to smile together their faces and they will live in their hearts along with the lines they write they said.
Children who completed the trip to Ankara with a magnificent view of the Youth Park returned to Konya by high-speed train.

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