Rugby No Tav against the train

Rugby No Tav against the train
One of the dozens of civil initiatives that support the ca No Tav destek movement against the high-speed train in the Susa Valley is rugby players. The project linking Italy to France is not limited to inviting the massacre of nature in the Piemonte region, but takes away the land of local people and farmers.

. Rugby No Tav at, the architect of Daniele Tarasco, made a move last year at the 1 May with the question mücadele Why do we not bear the land we are struggling on? “And began a movement against the high-speed train project. The rugby teams, who came together in the tournament organized to support the struggle of the people in the Susa Valley, decided to support the gelen No Tav ada protests through tournaments. The subject of this protest is earth. Top We are against the High Speed ​​Train, o says the rugby athletes, who have earned the livelihood of the farmers, and the lands that rugby athletes run after the oval ball.

In July, the düzen Rugby No Tav No movement organized tournaments in the Susa Valley. Open to all rugby players of men and women between the ages of 2012-16, these tournaments claim the Susa Valley, which is essentially overlooked for the sake of giant commercial interests.

These tournaments are not limited to a single Susa Valley. Ver Rugby No Tav ya organizes activities against all sorts of commercial steps that disregard nature wherever they are in Italy, and athletes who stand by the protestors to open up the lands of multinational corporations to sport or cultural activities contribute to the occupations if necessary. Prior to each rugby tournament organized in the focal points of the discussions, a political meeting is organized on high-speed train and other topics on the agenda.

In addition, rugby players, in other regions they go to the people of the Susa Valley is illuminating the issue of the struggle. Following these meetings, rugby teams are facing tournaments which are facing. In these encounters, athletes are playing with a red uniform. On the front of these jerseys, a woman athlete who stops the high-speed train is drawing attention. The aim of the ”Rugby No Tav am movement on their backs is emphasized by the message Sus The most important rule in the Rugby game is that we support the initiative in the Susa Valley and in solidarity with our Susan comrades. Sır

Supported by the rugby players in a short time, the support of other rugby teams in Italy began to support. Another movement, taking the example of the protest in the Susa Valley, focused on the occupation of San Teodoro sports center, which was designed as a major sports complex in 15 years ago in Catania on the island of Sicily. As the center of Librino, one of the suburban districts of Catania, is currently allocated to horse racing and illegal games of chance, and these are under the control of organized criminal organizations, rugby players from all over Italy are now under the name of merkez No Tav, No Ponte, No Muos Catania. they support the protest.

In short, the ses Rugby No Tav ar movement is voiced by tournaments and occupations organized in the north by the Susa valley in the southern parts of Catania, where injustices and natural massacres are on the agenda.

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