High Speed ​​Train will add speed to Samsun's development

High Speed ​​Train will add speed to Samsun's development
High speed train to Samsun kazanWhen Samsun business world also supported the effective lobbying work started by TümSamBir in Ankara, the slogan of the project became “We will succeed this time”.

Three election processes in front of Turkey in favor of the city kazanIn Samsun, he supported the lobbying decision of the “Great Samsun Meeting”, which was held with the participation of Ankara Samsun Associations Federation (ASDEF) and All Samsun People Confederation, Federation and Associations Union ( TümSamBir).


Remzi Kozal, Chairman of TümSamBir, said that Samsun's support to the work started abroad is very important for them. kazanThere is no better event than the unity of all segments for my sake. Now we have joined hands with our expatriates and we will work for the project that will greatly support the development of Samsun and the region.”

Expressing that the high-speed train project to be brought to Samsun is not only Samsun but also in the region such as Çorum, Amasya, Tokat, Sinop, Ordu, which will support its economic development, Kozal said, We have entered. Seeing that our country is with us in this effort in our expatriate has given us more power. ”


Suggesting that such an investment to Samsun will have a positive impact on the whole Black Sea and will prevent the region's migration to the west, Kozal said, “This project is a project that will save Samsun from the pressure of migration from our western regions. Also, if we succeed, Samsuns who work in Ankara want two

will be in your hometown within hours. In other words, Ankara will become part of a samsun city, which will work in Ankara and have the opportunity to live in Samsun. Samsun to Ankara will become easier and faster than transportation within Istanbul. ”

On the other hand, Kozal stated that it was learned that the project in this direction is also ready, “According to the information we have received, the project is ready only waiting for will. And according to the information we received, there are two alternative projects prepared, the first of which is the project cost of the first line is around 1 billion liras, like Ankara, directly from Kırıkkale, Samsun, and another, from Ankara-sivas High Speed ​​Train route, extending to Samsun via Yozgat. It is stated that the cost is low since the second line is shorter. But what matters to us is Samsun's meeting with high-speed train as soon as possible. ”

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