Restoration of Historical Çobandere Bridge

Restoration of Historical Çobandere Bridge
The restoration of the 700-year-old Çobandere Bridge in Erzurum will be completed this year.
On the Erzurum-Kars highway, on the Aras River formed by the merging of Bingöl and Hasankale teas, in the period of İlhanlı ruler Gazan Han, by the Vezir Salduzlu Emir Çoban Noyan, built between 1297-1298, the 220 meter has a 8,5 eye on the 7 bridge with a sharp arch.

Erzurum of Turkey State Railways opened to transport between 1939-1951 and completed the construction of Kars-alongside the E-80 highway and railway bridge located one of his eyes was closed recently. With the largest arch span of 16,80 meters and a height of 14,20 meters from the foundation level of the keystone, the bridge draws attention with its decorations.

It is said that the section, which is located on the big leg of the bridge made of cut stone and which is descended by stairs, provides shelter for bridge guards, postmen and passengers.

Highways 12. Regional Director Şenol Altıok, AA correspondent, said that the importance of the restoration of historical bridges.

Stating that the restoration of the historical Çobandere Bridge, located at the starting point of the Aras River in their region, started in 2010, Altıok said:

“The combination of Bingöl Stream and Hasankale Stream, which forms the Aras River, on the bridge caused the foundation to be exposed at the 4th and 5th legs of the historical building. Work is being carried out to include the foundations of the bridge in order to eliminate the cavities in the river bed and to ensure that the water spreads and passes proportionally through all the chambers. After the 5th belt was suspended, it was partially disassembled and the damaged section was rebuilt. The missing stones in the foundation, pillar, cones, arch and bumper walls were renewed. Part of the asphalt and concrete layer on the bridge has been removed with care. The foundation was strengthened with lime-containing mortar against the negative effects of water. "

- 7 closed the switch. his eyes will open -

Stating that the restoration was completed last year but they started working again to open the 7th eye, which was closed recently, Altıok said, “Water flows from 6 eyes on the bridge, one eye has been closed in the past years. In the evaluation we made with the Cultural and Natural Governors Protection Board, it was decided to open the 7th eye.

We prepared our projects this winter. We started work with the approval of the board. We plan to complete the bridge in its original form at the end of the year and offer it to the local people and tourism. 3 million lira resource will be used in the restoration work, ”he said.

Transportation from Erzurum-Kars highway to Yağan, Eğilmez, Kıyıkonak and Emre villages, indicating that another bridge was built near the historical building, Altıok said that they would not be allowed to move from Çobandere Bridge.

Stating that they will build parking spaces for vehicles on the side of the highway and the starting point of the bridge for those who want to visit the bridge, Altıok added that they have restored 3 more historical bridges in Erzurum last year.

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