Haydarpasa closed the freight road will be closed

Haydarpasa closed the freight road will be closed
Haydarpaşa, the 105-year-old historical train station, has been in silence for 2 years since last night. The last train from Haydarpaşa left last night.
The sad finale in the 105-year shift ...

Haydarpasa Station, which was closed to intercity flights last year, also said farewell to commuter passengers.

Haydarpaşa-Pendik flights, which serve 75 thousand Istanbulites a day, will not be able to be made for two years due to the Marmaray project.

The historical Haydarpasa Train Station was buried in silence by the last suburban train last night. Because of the Marmaray work, the 1.5 line will be opened two years later.

The last whistle rang at Haydarpaşa Train Station.

After the movement of the last train, Gar lived the first night of history, quiet and lonely.

Intercity trips on the railway line to be renewed within the scope of Marmaray works were terminated on February 1, 2012.

Calmed down, the station became quieter on 15 March 2012, when the section between Pendik and Gebze stopped. Finally, trains departing from Garda to Pendik.

The last of the suburban trains, which have become one of the most important parts of life in the entire Anatolian side of Istanbul, departed from Haydarpaşa at 12.00:2 last night. Thus, 'life without train' that will last for XNUMX years on the Anatolian side began.


During these two years, the load of the trains was carried out by IETT buses, Kartal - Kadıköy It will be shared by the subway and minibuses. IETT increased the number of flights in order to avoid any difficulties in this arrangement, which will bring an extra burden on traffic.

Stating that he uses suburban trains every day, Semih Kavaklı said, “Thousands of people get on the train every day and the train passes through the city.

Buses may have difficulty carrying the load. When schools open, there can be a bigger traffic problem. We expect to meet our trains as soon as possible, ”he said.

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