Hatay Re-Logistics Center

Hatay Re-Logistics Center
CHP describing the candidate candidate for the Metropolitan Municipality of Hatay. Hakan Hero, if elected as mayor, "promised to make Hatay center again logistics" gave.

The civil war in Syria, Hatay and the provinces of the region to bring to the point of finishing the transport sector that explains Hero, in this sector to stop the blood loss and revive the project said they had developed. Hatay aims to be the center of logistics again "Hero," he said, "so that thousands of families eat the bread sector will mobilize," "he said.

Kahraman, as soon as the mayor was elected, the first task would be to meet with the representatives of the logistics companies, stating that terek On one hand, we will continue to negotiate with Ankara for your problem and create alternatives with company representatives. We will discuss the options outside Syria and create projects accordingly Suriye.


Taşımacılık I will be the voice of the transport sector when I become the mayor, sektör said Hakan Kahraman.
Ğ Hatay, which is a logistics center, lost this feature as a result of the unpredictable policies. Despite the clashes in Syria, no measures were taken. Logic industry was treated as a stepchild in Hatay.

Not only Hatay, but also the transportation sector of provinces such as Adana, Mersin and Mardin collapsed. We have to do something about this urgently and we will do it. If I am elected as the first metropolitan mayor of Hatay, I promise to solve this issue. Hatay will be a re-logistics center.

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