Free internet application was implemented in the light rail system in Samsun

Free internet application was implemented in the light rail system in Samsun. The application carries the first of its kind in Turkey.

In the transport sector first and only woman working in the world workshop Electricity - Electronics Engineer Electrical Maintenance Supervisor hope Özsoy holding Bostanci within Samulaş, tram to the Internet modem placing during the journey of the passengers gives a chance to get online has scored a first in Turkey. Putting 2 internet modems on each tram, Samulaş started to provide unlimited and free internet service to its passengers.

Stating that the internet service on the tram is a project of Samulaş, Samulaş General Manager Akın Üner said, “Nearly 60 percent of our passengers are university students and most of them are technology friendly passengers. Many of our passengers are those who can use smartphones and have computers. Can we give these passengers 'free and unlimited internet service?' We exchanged ideas. After that, we carried out R&D studies. We met with Turkcell and combined their technological possibilities with ours. We installed 2 modems on each tram. In this way, 250 passengers can be connected to the internet unlimitedly and free of charge at the same time. During a 35-minute journey, we can comfortably enable our passengers to do their homework and communicate via social media, if they wish. ” Akın Üner gave the following information about the project:

“We made this project in very favorable conditions in exchange for an advertising agreement with Turkcell. Only the service fee we spent on ordinary internet connection was reflected to us. After the commissioning of this service, many provinces operating rail systems such as Istanbul, Eskişehir and Konya contacted us and received information. In an international meeting we held in Samsun recently, our colleagues, such as Norway, Sweden and Italian, who have operators such as rail systems, said that they did not see such a service in Europe. What we do not know whether Europe but examples of this project is a first in Turkey. This service had positive reflections on us. ”

Samulaş of Samsun in the first technology underlines that it has a vision to become the company's "first again in the near future we are working on pioneering projects in Turkey and in the world. We will offer these projects to the people of Samsun in a short time. ”

Citizens entering the internet on the tram said they liked the application very much.

Source: Habercity

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