Flash News! : Taksim Metro Station is halted

During the work carried out within the scope of the Taksim pedestrianization project, the construction machine detonated the water pipe. The entrance to Taksim Metro Station was stopped due to flooding.

A construction machine operating within the scope of pedestrianization project in Taksim detonated the water pipe of İSKİ. The squirting water from the pipe created a small lake in Taksim. Citizens could continue on their way by jumping over the waters. It was learned that the passengers were directed to Osmanbey because of the damage suffered by Taksim Metro.

A work machine working in Taksim Square excavated ISKI water pipe while excavating. Meters of high-flowing waters led to the formation of a pond in Taksim. The part of the water exploded with the bucket of the construction machine prevented the rise of water, but the puddles formed at some points left the citizens in a difficult position. Citizens could continue on their way by jumping over the puddles.

Taksim subway also got its share from the water exploding. When the inside of the metro station filled with water, passengers were directed to Osmanbey by announcements. Water evacuation in Taksim Square and the work of repairing the pipe to explode ISKI continues.

Source: Nationality

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