Tramways in Eskişehir (Photo Gallery)

Tramways in Eskişehir
The crash of another tram that was coming from behind a tram waiting for passengers at the Çarşı stop on 2 Eylül Street in Eskişehir caused a short-term panic among the passengers and the surrounding citizens.

The tram number 8, coming from the bus station direction, slightly hit the tram waiting to go in the direction of Osmangazi from behind. Both the passengers and the citizens in the vicinity were uneasy for a while after the sound and shaking. Caused by trams crashing into each other kazanIt was a relief for everyone that it was small and did not cause any damage. Upon the incident, municipal officials and citizens showed sensitivity and rushed to the trams. The citizens who gathered at the bus stop dispersed after the incident occurred. Some citizens say that especially the trainees using the trams should be very careful from now on, while others say that thanks to the attention of the trains using the crashing tram. kazanThey said it was cheap.

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