The Rainfall and Endless Tramway Work in Eskişehir Lit the Citizen Again (Photo Gallery)

Disaster Rainfall and Endless Tramway Work in Eskisehir Again
26 ND 584 plate cars fell into the pit, which was dug for the tram line and filled with water due to heavy rain in Eskişehir.
The car that fell into the pit filled with water in Eskişehir due to heavy rain was removed with the help of citizens.

The 26 ND 584 license plate under the management of Yaşar Kaya fell into a pit filled with rain and rain for the tram line at the intersection of Kaplanlı Caddesi and Millet Avenue.

The driver Kaya came out of the car without any injuries.

At the scene, the police tied the car to a tree with a rope so as not to sink further.

Then, with the help of citizens from the pit removed from the car, loaded to the tractor.

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