Affordable and comfortable transportation

Affordable and comfortable transportation
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, on the request of private public buses to exit from the integrated card system, to prevent citizens from being gradually stepped on all lines of yellow buses to start transportation. Although 75 has the right to transfer to 3 vehicles in the transportation system until the XNUMX minute, Burulaş 's yellow buses are replaced by green buses instead of accepting non-subway transfers.

In order to avoid the problem of transportation in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on air, sea and road and rail system investments and allocates 70 of the budget to transportation investments, brings a radical solution to the problems arising from private public buses. Lack of maintenance and cleaning, 10 number of oil using the number of oil leading to environmental pollution and time schedules constantly disrupting the integrated card system of citizens from the initiative of the citizens who will be the victim of the transportation company Burulaş, considering the bus lines, reinforcing the yellow bus.

Necessary arrangements were made
According to the requests of the private public buses 6 April 2013 protocol, the special public buses do not meet the requirements of this protocol was specified. While the public buses complained that they did not know the number of passengers and revenues per day, the studies conducted by Burulaş officials later on revealed that this information had been sent to them for a long time but they did not make any investigations. Again, they complained about the low transportation costs, they demanded an increase by the UKOME decision has been increased transportation charges. Upon the demand for the reduction of the service cost, the Metropolitan Municipality decided to reduce it. Although 2 was called for the contract for the implementation of the new commission, there was no participation from private public buses. Private public buses demanded to work on kilometers basis, and it was understood that there were companies that could not work legally on kilometers and that they would carry much cheaper if the tender was done.

The right of passengers is protected
Reminding that passengers have the right to transfer up to 75 vehicles within 3 minutes in the integrated card system, Burulaş officials said, “However, green buses do not accept transfers outside the metro, and they both victimize citizens and are unfair. kazanIt provides three. The citizen, who normally has 3 transfer rights, has to pay extra money when he gets on the green buses. Despite the Ministry of Finance's circular to expand the integrated ticket system to prevent tax evasion, green buses do not accept the BUKART system and carry passengers for money. This situation makes the citizens who have monthly subscription cards, discount cards, and this card aggrieved.”

Yellow buses are engaged
Burulaş, which takes all kinds of measures to prevent the green buses from becoming a victim of citizens, also puts the yellow buses, which are the addresses of economical and comfortable transportation, on these lines. With the yellow buses that are activated on all the lines where the green buses operate, passengers will have full advantage of the integrated card system and will have comfortable, economical and timely transportation facilities.

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