Double railways coming

Double railways coming
The government aims to generate 9.3 billion dollars in four years from medical, thermal and advanced age tourism.

Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), free zones and large factories in the line of the special line (special railway line) is opened. 10 prepared by the Ministry of Development. New targets for the economy emerged from the Development Plan. 20 of domestic medical devices and medical supplies will be met by domestic production. 60 will be met by domestic production. 100 will provide service to 1.5 million foreign tourists in the thermal tourism where the bed capacity of 3 will be formed. 5.6 billion dollars revenue will be generated in thermal tourism. The aim is to be among the top five in the world in medical tourism, while the 150 billion-dollar income will be generated. Within the scope of advanced age tourism, 750 will visit a thousand foreign tourists. These tourists are expected to earn 19 million dollars. OIZ, free zone and conduits lines (special railway line) to large factories will be made. XNUMX logistics center, which is being built on railways, will be completed. Double-track railways will be built where traffic is high. New air cargo terminal investments will be made in the regions where the high value added goods trade is intense.

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