The deputy did not mention the name of Samsun for the new high-speed train

The deputy did not mention the name of Samsun for the new high-speed train
Ahmet Yeni, Member of Parliament.

He is not the Minister, but he is doing such an effective task in Parliament. You know the President of the Kit Commission.

The Commission was audited by the State Railways the previous week. After the audit, the President of the Commission made a new statement.

15 said the big province would be connected by high-speed trains.

I read the news with great enthusiasm.

Is there any Samsun between the 15 city? he wondered.

he did not say.

No Samsun.

Samsun is not exactly where the provinces are not exactly clear.

Throughout the history of the Republic, I know that the railroad has been built so far, they have done so much in the 10 year.

Let us give the right of what the AK Party Government has done in this regard. In particular, I have to say that the Ministry of Transport has accomplished great works and it is very successful.

And but

I am curious about the Samsun High Speed ​​Train Project.

Mr. New said that the 16 province will be able to reach the high-speed train until 2016.

We know that the Samsun high-speed train project has been postponed beyond 2035.

2019 is a very important year for us.

He must know that in Mr. New.

Samsun 19 May's 100. Samsun to take the fast train.

He wants this very people of this city.

Can we make it?

I don't know, but I can tell you that.

We need to SUCCEED.

The high speed train between Samsun and Ankara is the right of Samsun and this right should be given.

Our expectation from the Kit Commission Chairman, Ahmet Yeni, is their attempt to realize this project.

Ahmet must know that new; '' The history of the Republic has been done so much, we have done so much '' sayings. Especially for the people of Samsun, '' Let's fill bag '' feature carries more than carrying a meaning.

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