Deputy Badak: The Expectation of the Expo2016

If the Transportation Problem Cannot be Solved Expo2016 Trouble: AK Party Antalya Deputy Sadık Badak stated that there is a need for ring roads and rail system for the Expo to be held in Antalya in 2016, "If these are not done, we will have great problems in the Expo." warned.

Sadık Badak, AK Party Antalya Deputy, stated that there is a need for ring roads and rail system for the Expo to be held in Antalya in 2016 and said, "If these are not done, we will have great problems at the Expo. warned.

Sadık Badak, 'What's Delayed in the World Expo 2016 Antalya Project?' He held an informative meeting at Khan Hotel to share his views on the issue. Expo Council members and journalists were invited to the meeting. Pointing out that the importance given by human beings to nature and the environment is increasing day by day, Sadık Badak said that this situation increases the importance of the botanical-themed World Expo to be held in Antalya. Noting that the discussions on Expo 2016 Antalya have intensified lately, Badak said that there are expressions for the Expo saying 'it is late' or 'it would be better not to do it'. Turkey are not given attention in the academic education at universities in the fair administration of Badak, "given fair education in more than 40 universities in Germany. It is very normal that the members of the Expo Board of Directors do not know what to do. no knowledge about the Expo in Turkey. Antalya will be the first trial. Therefore, errors may occur. " he spoke.


“There are 146 weeks to the opening right now. We need to evaluate the missing weeks very preciously. " Sadık Badak gathered his thoughts on the Expo under 4 headings: Preparation of the area, preparation of the city, bringing participating countries, visitors. Stating that the easiest of these is the preparation of the Expo 2016 Antalya area in Aksu district, Badak said that other titles are more difficult.


Stating that the preparation of the city constitutes 25 percent of the work and that local governments, especially the Metropolitan Municipality, have important duties, Badak argued that not only the city center of Antalya but also the city cores of 19 districts from Gazipaşa to Kaş should be improved. Stating that the most important thing to do under this heading is transportation, Badak said, "The standard of transportation should be raised." said. Stating that the west, north and east ring roads should definitely be completed by 2016, the 60-signal junction between Aksu-Alanya should be reduced, the rail system should be extended to the Expo area, the monorail between the airport and Pınarlı should be established, and sea transportation between Kemer and Örnekköy should be provided, Badak said, If these are not done, we will have great difficulties in Expo. It is not a prophecy to say that settled life, civilians and commercial life will be difficult. Even today we suffer. Also consider 2016. " made a warning. "These roads are not built, Expo continues, but Antalya suffers from transportation problems." Saying Badak, there is a 20-minute queue at Çırnık bridge. Then it takes an hour. If it is said to 'let it go', there is nothing to do. " said.


Reminding that there is a Council of Ministers decision issued in 2010, Sadık Badak shared the information that the Metropolitan Municipality can receive assistance from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications for the rail system. Badak also reminded that although there is such an opportunity, there is no statement from Antalya Metropolitan Municipality that they are planning a rail system investment between the city center and Aksu district.


Reminding that 2016 participant countries are targeted for the Expo 100 Antalya, Badak emphasized the urgency of issues such as the beginning of duly invitations and persuasion studies, informing the diplomats, sending official invitation letters by the government, and said, “19 countries have participated in 44 botanical Expo until today. 100 countries are not that easy. We will find 30 and I have no worries about him, but we have to hurry in 100 countries. He spoke in the form.


Stating that 5 million people are expected to visit the Expo area, 3 million of which are local and 8 million of them foreign, Badak said that this means 44 visitors per day. “This number is 500 buses a day,” Badak said. People from Kars, Edirne, Van, and Manisa will take the bus to Antalya and stay for a day or two. So what will they come for? First they need to be informed. We need to get into people's minds already. " he spoke. Sadık Badak said that people should be attracted to Expo 200 Antalya, promotions should be made at 2016 airports in Turkey and abroad, and an Expo Truck should be established in Antalya.


Reminding that Expo 2016 Antalya is an event that spans 180 days, Badak emphasized that a different excitement should be experienced every day. At the Expo; Rumi to Yunus, from Alexander the Great Keykubat is, whether it should take the place of the orange tomato up to Turkey and Antalya of factors pointing Badak, noting that this issue Expo staff and Expo Council big task falls said : “The state has bent all its branches for the benefit of Antalya. Antalya should act on how to benefit from this power of the state. Antalya will bring out the movement to be created for 180 days. "


Answering the questions after his speech, Sadık Badak noted that there were delayed and urgent issues at the Expo. Badak pointed out that it would be good to start visitor planning now and that there is a time factor even if there is cooperation in some investments, “Expo 2016 Antalya Bbc World, CNN Internatiolan can be done every week or nothing is done. Antalya has the power to do it. Expo should be the first item on the daily agenda of those concerned. This work cannot be done remotely by holding the end. "

On another question, Badak said, "If the community here and the people of Antalya behind them say 'no need', but if they say 'necessary', they should do what is necessary. gave the answer. Defining the Expo Council as 'the gear of the job', Badak said, “Now is the time to put on the Turkish gear. The Council's action was delayed. 4-5 months ago, rooms without ties and tables without titles should have been created. " used the expressions.

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