Environmental Sensitivity and Boztepeye Cable Car

boztepe ropeway tourism locomotive
boztepe ropeway tourism locomotive

Environmental awareness and Boztepeye cable car: Taksim Gezi Park will be due to the events that the Municipality of Trabzon Boztepe to be made for the cable car in the city, including the political parties, all the dynamics yesterday gathered in the municipality and laid the cable car projects. At least the Taksim Gezi Park events worked. After that, other municipalities should not be surprised by the similar practices.

The general opinion in Trabzon Municipality is to make a referendum for the ropeway. This will add dynamism to the city. Because of the determined routes, the cost of the samples in the province of Ordu, the financial burden will all be calculated. City aesthetics will also come up. AK Party Group President Fahrettin Aksoy, the right to run-run and assignments specifying the right. We have the same opinion. Boztepe hotel and cable car has been on the agenda of Trabzon since 1974. Among the promises of the then mayoral candidates were two things cable car and hotel. 1974 speaks to 2013 Trabzon, Boztepe to the cable car and the hotel. In the meantime, in the context of the municipality's discussion of the cable car projects were put on the table in the meeting against the people who sucked the cable car. This is Trabzon, you can have anything at any moment.

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