Catastrophic Accident in Bursa Cable Car Construction

bursa uludag cable car installation
bursa uludag cable car installation

During the construction of the new ropeway that will provide transportation between Bursa and Uludağ, 2 workers were injured when they lost their balance and fell due to the effect of strong winds from the pole they climbed to draw a line. The workers, who were dragged after the fall, were removed with difficulty and taken to hospitals by ambulance.

The incident happened during the shooting of the line between Sarıalan-Kocayayla stations. Allegedly, the balance of the mast with the effect of the loss of the balance of the age of the 30-born Rights Günten and 35-year-old Adem Özdoğan, because of the steepness of the land was drifted for several meters. As a result of the fall the legs and many of their bodies ran to his colleagues to help the workers who had been broken. As a result of the notification of the incident as soon as the scene, two teams from the gendarmerie search and rescue teams, civil defense and AKUT officials carried injured workers to Xalanx by carrying about 150 meters. The injured workers were later taken to hospitals in Bursa by ambulances.

The investigation was started by the Bursa Public Prosecutor's Office.

Günceleme: 08/04/2021 23:09

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