Taxis will be replaced by taxis in Bursa

Taxis will be replaced by taxis in Bursa
Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, who attended the meeting of Rotary Clubs in Bursa, stated that vehicles will not enter Kültürpark from certain points.

Emphasizing that the residents of Bursa should get used to walking, President Recep Altepe said, “It is not possible to go anywhere by car anymore. The other end of the bazaar is a thousand meters. You can go on foot everywhere. You go to Atatürk Avenue, 150 meters above, and Haşim İşcan Avenue, under 150 meters. Now we have to walk this far. If tram and metro passes from top to bottom, people will walk these roads now. ”

Expressing that he used to walk from one end of Bursa to the other, Recep Altepe said, “No one was looking for a car to go from Yeşilhane to Tophane. Now the citizen is asking, 'How will I get off the metro in Şehreküstü, how will I go to Tophane?' He said. I said you're going to walk on foot. Was there a car before? Now they ask how to walk 100 meters. Citizen says, "Bus is not passing from Caddem, it is passing through lower street." There is no such thing, 2 million people live. Buses do not cross every street. Trams will now cross the main street. Our people will walk to the subway and the tram. There will be tram lines within walking distance. "There will be feed lines where there are no them," he said.

Expressing that the taxis will be lifted with the start of the tram lines, Altepe said, “40 percent of the taxis have already returned to taxi. The road to Sculpture will be narrowed with the tram line. People will prefer fast transportation by tram instead of going in traffic with taxis. “People will get used to the T1 Tram project as quickly as they get used to Cumhuriyet Street.”

Drawing attention to the fact that minibuses will disappear spontaneously along with the Kestel Metro line, Mayor Altepe said, “When the Kestel metro line is operational, people will prefer the subway instead of the minibus. In this case, the minibuses will be lifted automatically. The traffic problem on Ankara Road will also be alleviated. ”

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