Innovation time in Bursa public transportation

Innovation time in Bursa public transportation

It is a loss for Private Public Buses to leave the integrated ticket system. The opportunity to get on the second or third buses in 75 minutes in transit is abolished. Citizens also lost the advantage of carrying a short distance of 25 kurush on vertical lines to Bursaray. It is also a shame that Burulaş did not accept the request of the Public Busers Chamber to put a representative in the system, in which it imposed 8 percent commission and taxes. Burulaş had to accept a representative to be accountable.

In terms of citizens, there is a requirement to get on private buses with money or touch credit cards in their pocket. In the first days, the shopkeepers accepted the passenger who said I had no money in my pocket. A few days later, the public bus drivers, who are planning to remove the ticket passengers by putting touch-screen credit card pos machines on the vehicles instead of the validator (automatic card system), will make their own way. By the way, discounted and free cards issued by Burulaş based on legal rights are still valid in public buses.

Burulaş may offer additional services to the lines where public buses carry passengers. The most important thing is that Burulaş improves the voyages and routes in the new settlements. Bursaray must have a yellow bus on the vertical lines connecting to the west with the Kestel stage, on the route where cheap passengers are taken. Competing between public bus drivers and Burulaş's yellow buses will also be in favor of the citizens. In the major metropolitan cities of the world, the weight of the state in public transportation is returning again. For this, the municipality should constantly lease new buses, support cheap and comfortable transportation on the lines, and encourage the people to use public transportation without harming them.

Now, Bursa has to make radical regulations in urban transportation. With Bursaray working up to Kestel, the tradesmen of the minibus will lose passengers on the routes on the Ankara Road and their voyages will become inefficient.

Doors must always be open for conversion. Instead of ministries, the municipality must establish itself and produce a solution to maintain economic gains. The shopkeepers in the Kestel and Gürsu lines are close to the solution.

With the T-1 line, there will be job loss in minibuses. Here, too, the municipality must accept the optional gradual return to the taxi formula of the Chamber of Drivers and Cars. Dolmuş is a beautiful culture in Bursa. It is a remedy for the parking lot. Taking a minibus for some jobs in the city is a cheaper solution than paying parking fees. It is possible for these tradesmen to work efficiently, despite the tramway, by evaluating the return to a taxi from the minibuses and the new route demands. Touch-screen credit card system should now be used in taxis. The worry of an increase in tax is unfounded. The business of taxi drivers increases with the credit cards in the ladies' pockets. Public transportation in Bursa, unfortunately, cannot operate regularly up to the capillaries. Unfortunately, the municipal company is late to update even the departure times at the stops. In public transportation, which is one of the most important services of the municipality, local tram, sea bus management, seaplane received great favor from the citizens and earned points for the president. However, it is a shame to wait for a bus at the stop for half an hour to go somewhere. Burulaş must solve this and find a solution to the density in new residential areas. There is no room to breathe on the buses that go from Şehreküstü to Gündoğdu village every half hour. As the density increases day by day due to the new residences in Yunuseli, it is the lack of reflex that the municipality does not do anything despite complaints about producing a remedy here. Before the election, it is important to allocate the new residential areas to the tradesmen who will return to the public bus from the Ankara Road and to their own yellow buses with routing according to the demand of the citizens.

Public Bus tradesmen should also increase the quality of service, new vehicles, robust seats, passengers and other drivers with an understanding of the kindness of the citizen should take place in the heart.

Service and service in a friendly, timely and optimal service with the benefit to be permanent. Keeps enterprises alive. Otherwise, I would have done the behavior would not be long-term, wanting to understand the understanding of the institutions finish. The managers of Burulaş and Halk Otobüsü artisans should listen to the citizens.

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