Bursa People loved the tram

Nostalgic tram 2 2 million 100 thousand passengers per year, filled the bus and threw the bus in the city and the city was the mainstay of public transport

The Nostalgic Tram line has been one of the most preferred public transportation vehicles in the last two years. 2 A total of 2 million 100 thousand passengers a year, Nostalgic Tram, which achieved a record figure, showed how important a project is for urban transportation in Bursa. The average Nostalgic Tram, which has an average number of 7 thousand passengers per day, also relieved transportation. The line between Zafer and Gökdere Squares was extended by 1123 meters along the İncirli Street to the Foundry Bath in Davutkadı, with thousands of people opting for the tram every day. With the new line, the length of the tram line increased to 2350 meters.

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