New route in BUDO Armutlu Kabataş

New route in BUDO Armutlu Kabataş
Launched by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and carrying more than 200 thousand passengers between Bursa and Istanbul to date, BUDO has been in Mudanya - Armutlu - since 19 June. Kabataş it also starts its flights.

With the aim of ensuring a smooth transportation between Bursa and Istanbul, the interest in sea bus services started by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is increasing day by day. BUDO, which was on its first flight on January 24, has been in Bursa Mudanya and Istanbul in such a short time. Kabataş carried over 200 thousand passengers in between. BUDO, which constantly increases the number of trips in line with the requests from citizens, has been mutually mutually effective as of Wednesday, June 19, Mudanya - Armutlu. Kabataş Starts its flights. In the new arrangement, which is started as a mutual expedition every day of the week, the ship will depart from Mudanya pier at 11.00 on weekdays and will reach Armutlu at 11.25. The ship, which will depart from Armutlu at 11.30, is at 12.55. Kabataş It will arrive at the pier. Every weekday KabataşThe ship, which will depart from 15.30, will reach Armutlu at 16.55. The ship, which will depart from Armutlu at 17.00, will arrive at Mudanya Pier at 17.25. On Saturdays and Sundays, the departure time from Mudanya is set at 12.00, while the ship that will reach Armutlu at 12.25 am will depart at 12.30 and 13.55. Kabataş It will reach the pier. Weekends KabataşThe ship, which will depart at 15.00, will depart from Armutlu at 16.25:16.30 and arrive at Mudanya Pier at 16.55.

Service will be removed in accordance with BUDO timetable from Ihlas Armutlu Resort Pier. Passengers with Bursa Sea Bus tickets will be able to benefit from the shuttle service for 2 TL. No one other than the passenger will be able to enter the Armutlu Holiday Village, which is closed to the vehicle traffic with the help of the service vehicles or special vehicles, in order to meet or pass the passengers. Bursa Sea Buses Armutlu service route is designated as Armutlu Central Municipality front, İskele Central Bus Station, Dereağzı, Miray Hotel front, PTT Site front, Tavşantepe and Armutlu Holiday Village. Bursa Sea Buses will have full 18 TL and discounted 14 TL prices will be valid for Armutlu flights.
Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy stated that they have been producing customer satisfaction oriented services since the first day of the trips, “It has been 5 months since the day we started the trips and we have reached over 200 thousand passengers. With the summer season, Armutlu - Kabataş Demands for inter-transportation have intensified. We are launching mutually as 1 time per day and we can increase the number of times this time in line with the demands. ”

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