Tram falls on the head of the president

Tram falls on the head of the president
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek announced that the tender for the Aleddin-Adliye Tram Line Project will be held on July 3, 1 days ago. We've been waiting for this good news for 5 years. The tender, which has been called to be held since 2009, remained until 2013. The tender of the project promised by Mayor Akyürek in the 2009 Local Elections will be held on 1 July. After 4 years, a step has finally been taken regarding this important project. The mayor made this important statement through the municipal press office and a local television channel… ..

9 months before the local elections, a tram fell on President Akyürek's head. A passion for rail transport surrounded the president. Where have you been for 9 years, Mr. President. In 9 years, a tram line was built in Alaeddin Keykubat Campus, and air conditioning was installed in 12 trams. Let's say thank God. Even Bursa, Eskişehir and Kayseri made a difference to Konya in rail transportation. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality built a 40-kilometer metro line and a 7-kilometer tram line. If it was not enough, he started using the tram he produced himself.

The metro promise he made in 2004 was not kept, but he ordered 60 new trams from the Czech Republic. They also paid 104 million Euros for this. He also had the people of Konya choose its color. He tries to forgive himself like that. According to the agreement made with Şkoda company, our green-white colored trams should arrive in September. We look forward to our air-conditioned, low-floor trams. But will work on existing rails be done? Are the tracks compatible with new trams? These questions also need to be answered ...

Do not ask President Akyürek if he had a love of service 9 months before the elections. Work in the City Square has accelerated, new trams are on the way, and the Alaeddin-Adliye Tram Project, which has been spoken for years, is also tender. I hope they will not mess with this tender. We did not forget what happened in the stadium tender and 60 new tram tender. A tram line had to be established between Alaeddin and Adliye. Our hope is that the new tram line will not remain until the 2019 elections. A tram line should also be built on the Meram side. Meram has a great student potential. These students do not have to travel in buses every day like a fish stack.

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