From the Chief of the Karate to the HRC Study Patience

Mayor of Kartepe Şükrü Karpatho advised patience to the citizens who were in distress due to their work on the lower and upper buildings.

Due to the work of the lower and upper structures, the construction of a construction site, which continues to work at different points of the people from time to time disturbing the public. Being aware of this disturbance, Mayor Şükrü Karüce visits the residents of the neighborhoods where there is work. Mayor of the Bahçelievler neighborhood, who want to show patience for 40 days due to High Speed ​​Train work, “No mercy without mercy. We will all be comfortable at the end of your understanding. An

Lastly, after the High Speed ​​Train and infrastructure infrastructure deteriorated in the neighborhood of the President of the Mayor in the contacts of the people took a number of measures to reduce the troubles.

Constantly in touch with YHT officials to reduce the nuisance of the President of Karbasi, the road to the deterioration of the people's road on the road towards the deterioration of Kemalpasa Street has initiated the work. Mayor Karbak, who visited the neighborhood with Mustafa Gümrük in the neighborhood and complained about the residents of the neighborhood, said, Başkan A lot of investments and services are provided to increase the value of the district. Of course there is no effortless mercy. There will be a number of troubles while these studies are taking place. We mobilized our teams to eliminate the disturbances on the roads caused by the infrastructure transition. We talked with the company authorities to reduce the distress caused by the YHT study. We ask for more patience than 40 days. We know and see what you are going through. Yaş

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