Başaranhıncal Incentive Law And Request For Support For Rail

Başaranhıncal Incentive Law And Request For Support For Rail
Çetin Başaranhıncal, Chairman of Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry, requested support from MHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Kenan Tanrıkulu about the extension of the incentive law and the railway.
MHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Kenan Tanrıkulu visited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Çorum. MHP Provincial Chairman Ercan Daşdan and MHP Central District Chairman Zeki Aşkın and members of the board of directors also participated in the visit Basaranhincal, Corum industry gave information about the Tanrıkulu.
TSO President Çetin Başaranhıncal said that the railway project is an important project in terms of the existence of Çorum and opening of SMEs to the world.
Considering the Ankara-Samsun pillar, Başaranhıncal said that the capital will bring vitality to the region at the point of opening to the port. Başar Our companies come to a certain place with their own facilities but after that they must be able to move comfortably in the world market. I expect your support when it comes to lobbying and promoting the railway and incentive law. Interest rates will fall, but the support of project-based banks is much more important. There is a rating system for banks that are directly indexed to balance sheets. Does not use credit that is not tight. I expect your support if there is a backstage in the banking system. Bankacılık
See distance of Corum's separate, individual comes into a city like that records appear Tanrikulu, "is one of the cities with the Corum Turkey's vibrant economy. It is a star city in this city region where all kinds of products are produced. misapplied incentives in Turkey have been left behind by some provinces and not at the desired level attacks. In Çorum, the industry could not make the desired attack with the wrong application. We have seen industrialization attacks in the districts of Çorum. Corum is strong and the unemployment rate, although below the industry average of Turkey has given a large number of migration to other provinces. This should be prevented Bun.
Tanrikulu, the speech continued: "There are serious problems in Turkey's economy. Every part of us is surrounded by a ring of fire. If the economy falls on spinach, inflation cannot be managed with the logic that falls. What the AK Party in Turkey is no longer a clear political stability in the economy.

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