Basaksehir Kirazli Metro Line Stations

istanbul raylisistemler map
istanbul raylisistemler map

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Başakşehir Kirazlı Metro Line Stops: Başakşehir Mayor Mevlüt Uysal said that they have one of the most beautiful subways in Istanbul in terms of metro and said, “The latest built in Bağcılar Başakşehir Olimpiyatköyü Metro is the most modern subway. It cost 1 million 100 thousand dollars. "Someone who gets on the metro from Başakşehir will be able to travel easily to Taksim or the saltwater".

Gülsüm Onay, who started the journey as soon as the subway line opened, said, “We are very pleased that the subway arrives in Başakşehir. Since I was pregnant, I was taking the tram instead of taking the bus. Now I'm going to take the metro. That's why I thank our dear president. ”

Stating that he has been living in Başakşehir for 15 years, he expects the metro to be opened for 4-5 years, Selamettin Arslan said that the workers will be very comfortable with the metro line as it is the industrial area of ​​Başakşehir.

Başakşehir Kirazlı Metro Line Stations

  • Metrokent
  • Başak Houses
  • sites
  • Turgut Özal
  • İkitelli Industry
  • Olimpiyat
  • Ziya Gökalp Neighborhood
  • Istoc
  • mahmutbey
  • New Neighborhood
  • Kirazli

M3 (Bakırköy İDO - Kirazlı - MetroKent / Başakşehir - Kayaşehir Center) Metro Line is one of the underground railway lines in Istanbul.

The parts of the M3 line between Kirazlı - MetroKent / Başakşehir and İkitelli Sanayi - Olimpiyat are in operation. The parts between Bakırköy İDO - Kirazlı and MetroKent / Başakşehir - Kayaşehir Center are currently under construction. The metro line, which carries an average of 100.000 passengers per day, has 9 stations in the Kirazlı - MetroKent / Başakşehir section and 3 stations in the İkitelli Sanayi - Olympic section, while there are 7 stations in the Bakırköy İDO - Kirazlı section under construction and 4 stations in the MetroKent / Başakşehir - Kayaşehir Central section.

On the metro line, the main line between Kirazlı - MetroKent / Başakşehir is operated as the main line, and the between İkitelli Industry - Olympic is operated as a shuttle. Operations are carried out directly between Kirazlı and Olympiad during peak hours. İkitelli Sanayi - Olimpiyat part is important as it enables the fans to reach Atatürk Olympic Stadium more easily, especially on match days. The metro line also facilitates access to densely populated areas such as Kayaşehir, Güvercintepe, Şahintepe and Bahçeşehir. Also, at the end of the İkitelli Sanayi - Olympic section, there is a warehouse area of ​​the M3 line.

The M3 line cost $ 1.350 million. With the 122 million dollar wagon purchases, the total cost is 1,477 million dollars. As of October 3, 2016, flights are made directly to Kirazlı Olympic line on M3 line only during peak hours on weekdays.

Başakşehir Kirazlı Metro Technical Information

  • Operator: Metro Istanbul (İ.BB)
  • Line length: 15,9 kilometers (Kirazlı - MetroKent and İkitelli - Olympic lines)
  • Rail span: 1435 millimeters
  • Number of Stations: 22 (for Total Line)
  • Number of wagons: 80
  • Tool set: 4 pcs
  • Vehicle Brand / Model: Alstom Metropolis
  • Duration: Kirazlı - MetroKent: 20 minutes
  • Duration: İkitelli Industry - Olympiad: 5 minutes
  • Travel time: Kirazlı - Olympiad: 15 minutes (Only during weekdays and peak hours.)
  • Business hours: 06:00 / 00:00
  • Daily passenger carrying capacity: 70.000 passengers / hour
  • Minimum headway: 90 sec (theoretical) 120 sec (practical)
  • Travel frequency: 6 minutes per peak hour
  • Command center: Olympic venues
  • Line voltage: 1500 V DC
  • M3 Kirazli - Olympic - Basaksehir
  • M3 Kirazli - Olympic - MetroKent - Basaksehir
  • Driving mode: ATO

Map of Istanbul Metro

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