Avcılar-Şükrübey Metrobüs Station Overpass Is Renewing

AVCILAR-ŞÜKRÜBEY Metrobus Station overpass will be demolished and rebuilt. According to the statement made by the Press Consultancy of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is starting the construction of a new Pedestrian Overpass within the scope of the Works to Make Metrobus Stations More Comfortable in terms of Pedestrian and Disabled Use and Access.

The London Asphalt Pedestrian Crossing, which provides pedestrian access to the Şükrübey Metrobüs Station on the D-100 Highway, will be demolished and rebuilt for more comfortable access of passengers. For the study; 28 June 2013-Friday (today) time: 24: As of 00, the Avcılar-Şükrübey Metrobüs Station Overpass will be closed to traffic.

During the works, Şükrübey Metrobüs Station will continue to operate and access to the metrobus station will be provided by pedestrian overpass on the other side of the metrobüs station.

The length of the pedestrian overpass to be made in the new: 56 meters, width: 3 meters, the width of the ladder: 3 will be meters and also the ramp will be made for access to the metrobus station.

2 pieces will be lifted for the access of elderly and disabled citizens. The pedestrians who want to reach the Metrobus Station with their new pedestrian overpass to be completed for 1 months will ensure their access in a very safe and comfortable manner.

Project work of the new overpass was carried out by the Directorate of Transport Coordination of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Applications are; It will be realized by Directorate of Infrastructure Services.

Source: News 3

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