In the past years, İZBAN

The Izban line, which attracted the transportation load of Izmir, was no different from the intercity railway in 2000 years. Karşıyaka it was a shame for the inhabitants. However, the first suburban construction project on the railway in the history of the Republic eliminated this perception. It is enough to look at the photos to see the difference in the past years. But Karşıyaka the people have words to say about it.

Fahir Balcı (53): In the past, the current Izban line was not the case. Trains that would go underground, not above ground. Only freight trains and Manisa trains would work on this line. The existing line was aesthetically bad. Next to it were certain passages. Both the citizen and the cars could only pass through here. When it was dark, we were afraid to pass by. Because people we don't know would pick up trash around here. Current Karşıyaka There were thinners around the station. Now there is no such thing. There was parks and walking areas. People can come and spend fun time with their loved ones in the evening. There's no visual pollution like before. The importance of present Izban for Izmir transportation is already obvious. In short, compared to ten years ago Karşıyakawas a very different project for the center of Izban. It's a late project. It should have been done before.

Serap Keskin (47): For those who knew it, it was no different from the train station. We couldn't take our kids out because noise pollution and air pollution. There was a lot of foreign people in the past because this was the train station. The railway also had no security. When we wanted to pass, we had trouble. We're very comfortable now. Many shops were opened on the road to Love. Everything is better than before.

Source: AVARA

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