AK Party Damlataş Ehmedek Cable Car Project to Victim Selection Strategies

AK Party Damlataş Ehmedek Cable Car Project to Victim Selection Strategies
1,5 Approval of the Preservation of the Preservation of the Preservation of the Damlataş Ehmedek Cable Car and Walking Tape Project. So the fact that the municipality of power is not changing something.

The foundation of the Antalya Tünektepe cable car project, where Antalya province special administration has allocated the necessary appropriation from the budget planned, was recently laid. 2013 million for the year 8 million 2014 5 million pounds allowance allocated.

In the same period, the tender of Damlataş Kale yamacı ropeway and walking belt project, which is the project of Alanya municipality, was made. Although the company to be determined, why the construction is still not started?

2012 was auctioned in. It was planned to be finished in 2013 year. However, there was no study in the last winter. Now we are in the tourism season. It is not possible to do any work in the season. So this means that the start of the project, if it starts, cannot be laid before November. This means that. If we say this with the most optimistic possibility, this project before the 2014 year is not possible to be done.

On the other hand, the Cultural Property Protection Board reviewed the project area and approved the project's feasibility. However, it is stated that the project to be carried out in the region can be submitted to the board and can be done after the project is reviewed and approved in the board. This decision is given on 26.12.2011, ie over the past 1,5 years.

During this period, the tender was made and submitted to the project board. Full 1,5 per year. Still no approval from the board.

I ask Mr. Hasan Sipahioğlu, the head of the Akpartili Municipality, and Mr. Hüseyin Güney, the head of the Akparti district. In order to get approval from this board, you must have all the 550 MPs. Why didn't you get confirmation from the board?

Unfortunately, the AK party seems to be the victim of local election strategies. From this point onwards, until the local elections are over, we do not seem to have any approval from the board.

These developments show that the projects that are decided to be completed can be completed in the year of Akparti at least in 5 years.

Then, in order to realize the projects quickly, it is obvious that there is a need for a peaceful mayor for a peaceful and comfortable Alanya.

This opportunity will come to the election of 30 bin Alanli at 2014 march 180.

The right decision will bring SAADET if you choose the right one.

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