Contributions of the Cable Car to the Acropolis

Contributions of the Cable Car to the Acropolis
We said and went to the Acropolis and received the opinions of the tradesmen and ropeway officials. In the light of the opinions that emerged, we tried to attract the attention of Bergama public administrators and the people of Bergama instead of this ruin, which was sacrificed to either the politics of Bergama or the changes in income distribution. As a result of these statements, we want the authorities to take a more positive look at the situation of the Acropolis tradesmen. We wanted the governors of the State to look more sincerely and sincerely in cases where the authorities of Pergamum are not competent.
Pergamum has been the favorite city of the world since the ancient times. However, as of now, it seems to be in the air of a city that could not make the desired explosion in tourism revenues. Pergamon people say about tourism in each of the two sentences of our tourism income, saying a few of the remedies are discussed and discussed in various platforms, but not complaining about progress.
The efforts of Bergama Municipality to be included in the World Cities Heritage list will provide a noticeable plus in this regard. But the result from the speeches; Bergama is far behind in terms of qualified beds and the guests of tourism do not travel in Bergama district.
As the newspaper Poyraz, we witnessed the sentences of the acropolis shopkeepers and the people of the cable car management.
The acropolis tradesmen were known to have experienced a fire incident two months ago. The landscape that emerged after this fire was not at all pleasant. Here, as a team of tourists serving tourists in the 8 company with the representation of the Mayor, Museum director, District Governor and visited the political institutions.
But the trades here unfortunately left alone after such pain. The shopkeepers who have continued to serve the tourism by repairing the burning workplaces again complain that they have not yet received support. The tradesman who is happy with the developments in the ruins and who tells these developments to the visitors before the museum authorities and more broadly, fulfills the duty of tourism enthusiast.
At the moment, the tradesman who wants to move to the shops in the 9 m2 places the difficulties of continuing their lives if they leave the transition area and they want to stay at least until the new project is realized.
When we ask what this project is, a more modern archaeological site with car park and shops will be on the lower side and they talk about the ministry project they see as a starting place.
Non-accessible toilets, the number of qualified beds, the lack of emergency medical team and equipment, the way out of the narrow and inadequate, breastfeeding and winter conditions to take shelter under the lack of a closed area, no mosques for Muslim visitors, every year they talk about the fire hazards they are preparing to deliver a presentation file to the Ministry of Culture.
Bergama and DSI Dam of the image of the insatiable image and the trees under a cool weather that can be made for all the people waiting for picnics explaining that the trades not only to serve as a group of foreign tourists and our Bergamalımızın as they want to support their own past said they want to support.
The responses we received when we extended our microphone to Teledal official Serdal Sarı, who serves Tourism as the biggest business in the acropolis location, were as follows:

What are the benefits of the cable car system and its operation to the Acropolis?
-Telespheric tourists from various parts of the world have provided safe, fast and comfortable transportation to the ancient city of acropolis. Transportation before; It was provided by buses from the steep, steep and narrow highway. Many buses damaged the andesite structure due to weight and vibration, and when buses met back on the narrow road, it created a primitive image for our country and Bergama, causing anxiety and fear.
The cable car project was prepared to eliminate the damage caused by road transportation to the ancient structure and to ensure that transportation is safe and comfortable. The cable car was built and buses were not forbidden afterwards to the castle. A cable car has already been built to prevent buses from leaving. To summarize, the ropeway has had benefits such as comforting transportation, providing security and preserving the ancient structure. Bergama, Turkey and the country's exit from a primitive image effect has been to win the image of a modern country.
What would you say if we evaluate the cable car from the point of view of the tourists and its contribution to the economy?
Every day we see that the tourists are very pleasant during the cable car travel. We provide the opportunity to photograph the aerial view. Tourists are satisfied, but some travel agencies may be disturbed that they cannot get on their own buses until the castle and have to pay the cable car fee. Travel agencies brought tourists by bus and went directly to the castle without touring Bergama, and left Bergama without leaving any money.
The cable car company takes a share of the revenues of the agencies and distributes it from there. 18 percent of the money they leave at the cable car facility is paid to our state as VAT. Payments are made to official institutions at different rates. For the needs of the telecommunications facility, it contributes to the tradesmen of Bergama, to the citizens of Bergama thanks to the employment of personnel, to Tedaş with electricity and to the municipality with water consumption. The money going out is only the spare part price of Leıtner cable car company where we import the technology. Our loss has been here unfortunately is not available for a safe and comfortable cable car company in Turkey. We also offered the opportunity to learn the technology of the ropeway by employing Turkish youth in the ropeway company.
What would you like to tell us about the ropeway capital and activity figures?
-Tarferik was established with domestic capital. For those who are uncomfortable that the investor of the business is not Pergamon, I would say that they don't worry because investment has not been met, the cable car is roasted with its own oil.
The cable car went into operation in October 2010. The number of annual acropolis visitors in 2010 is 260 010 people. In 2,5, the number of acropolis visitors was 30388 2011 people, 283 528 used cable cars. In 232, the acropolis visitor was 411 2012people. 266 065 used cable cars.
There is not much change when we compare the numbers. Tours not going to the acropolis are going to Asklepiona. The indigenous groups that don't come to the acropolis visit the acropolis to use the cable car.
There are some claims among the public about the ropeway. What would you like to say about the current fee and technical structure?

The cable car is claimed to reduce the number of tourists. The answer we can give is this: Shortly after the cable car was built, the box office at its entrance to the ruins was given to Tursab from the museum. Tursab increased the entrance fees to the castle. To prevent leakage, it has established a turnstile system and a central monitoring system. Even the guests of the state can not access free of charge. This has been a problem for agencies. Local tourists, on the other hand, were unable to enter the castle. A family of 4 was unable to enter the castle without paying 80 TL.
Cable car fee is 10 TL. The round trip to the student is 5 TL. These figures can be expensive for people who do not know the ropeway technology. In Europe, the cable car prices start from 20 Euros. For the cable car facility set up at 6 million Euros, this fee is actually quite low. safe and comfortable cable car system with aircraft technology, was established for the first time in Bergama in Turkey. The cable car, which received the technical license for the first time, is again the Bergama cable car. new in the world, Turkey in the first detachable gondola system in Bergama cable car kullanılmıştır.30-40 years cable car operations engaged in Bursa cable car workers staged Bergama technical visits and almost mouth of the Pergamon cable car system was admired in an open manner. İzmir Chamber of Mechanical Engineers became accredited by applying in Bergama cable car. Technical trips from various big cities will be organized and the Bergama cable car will be examined. Perhaps projects for urban transportation will be developed.

Do you work as a ropeway business for the tourism of Pergamum?
- The municipality is working to support Bergama tourism. We have made the necessary attempts to help Bergama municipality. We said that our staff can distribute catalogs and brochures as they can use the cable car counter for promotion. Indeed, we have implemented this. We said that they can open an exhibition space in the cable car. We said that we can prepare a common catalog. We offered to participate in fairs together. While preparing our own catalog, we prioritized the promotion of Bergama and prepared the catalog with the support of Ms. Yaşagül and her team carrying out UNESCO studies. These studies are not enough, of course. We discussed Bergama tourism with travel agencies in Selçuk and Kuşadası. We insisted on organizing trips here.
The reasons for not making a program to Bergama explained as follows;
* The competition between the agencies and the low price of the tour price policy is the biggest reason for the problem.
* In Akaryakıta, everything is hike, the tour sales prices of the agencies cannot increase. It makes it difficult for us to program the remote location of Bergama. In fact, I am telling those who want to go to Bergama openly. We direct it to Pamukkale, where the circulation is good.
* Selcuk Municipality, parking fee for tourism in the name of the flexible, while the single parking fee, Bergama Municipality parking fee at each point separately.
* Selçuk-Kuşadası-Didim-Pamukkale historical sites close to each other and comfortable transportation. Intensive. Pergamum is remote, reverse and costly transportation. The ruins of the ruins and separate money.
* Lack of hotels with the capacity and comfort to stay in Bergama. The poor quality of the restaurants.
* No sea in Bergama. Lack of entertainment and shopping centers.
* Tourism lagging behind in Bergama, low service quality and comfort. The spirit of tourism is not understood by the people of Bergama. No tourism investment in Bergama and no development.

The agency owners who made statements in the form stated that they expect from Bergama as follows;
* We want flexibility in parking costs.
* Gathering entrance tickets to the ruins at a single ticket, selling combined tickets and making discounts. Ensuring that both Acropolis, Asklepeion and Basilica can be visited with a single ticket.
The entrance of the fortresses has been customized and the prices have increased.
* We are also waiting for your support. A few people said we want your free application. We are together with the management of Pergamon to solve these problems and to work together to improve tourism.



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