Train Drivers Who Passed the National Qualification Exam Received Qualification Certificate

Binali Yıldırım
Binali Yıldırım

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, railways in the last 10 praised the developments in the year. Yıldırım stressed that the accumulated problems of the railroads were solved in the last 10 year. We left many countries behind for rail and high-speed train. I would like to thank all the trainers for making this pride our people. What we do to railways. Demir

Strengthening Vocational Qualifications Authority and National Qualifications System in Turkey Project, which was implemented "NQS and VOC-TEST Center Establishment of the Railway Sector Project", the closing meeting, held Tower restaurant in the Ankara Train Station area. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, RAYTEST, established in Ankara in cooperation with TCDD Foundation and TCDD Foundation Solidarity and Assistance Foundation (TCDD Foundation), Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists Association (RAYDER) and Railway Transportation Association (DTD) The train engineer gave the certificate of competence to the machinists who successfully passed the National Qualification Exam.


Minister Yıldırım, in his speech at the ceremony, praised the developments on the railways. Railways 10,5 years, Yildirim said that a lot of work to do, Turkey's High Speed ​​Rail to (YHT) is achieved in this period, 100 years, it renewed the untouched lines, is made new road, 3 is refreshed to the railroad car used by the world's countries and the development of the domestic rail industry He stressed that important steps have been taken for. Stating that they have eliminated the accumulated problems in the railways, Yıldırım said, “Refreshing the pottery does not guarantee the taste of the food. It is the cook who tastes food, not the pot itself. People determine the quality of service on the railways as well as the taste of the food. The Ottoman Empire founded the world empire by acting with the philosophy of 'glorify the people so that the state is glorified'. We have also adopted this. Investing in people is investment in the future, investment in people is the biggest investment in the country. The rails, locomotives, trains, buildings we take are all obvious. But our investment in people is an investment that will last from generation to generation ”.


NQS and VOC-TEST Center Establishment of the Railway Sector Minister Yıldırım also striking that information about the project, professional qualification, testing and underlined that Turkey was late in the certification. As a result of this, stressed that the big costs faced, karşı We are doing railway. We're working for certification as long as we do rail. He's coming for months, doing the test. Praying in front of the man burns 'what is going to open the line' you say. They're bringing the man's milk through the nose for certification. If you know the job, your job is getting easier. If you are dependent on foreign countries, your development is prevented and the cost increases. The important thing is that you are identified by someone. Developed countries do not want you to go forward. He's doing everything he can to prevent you from having the technology. But if you are your source and people who are sweaty, they cannot resist you. The guys say we don't do what we need. 50 year went this country like this. Coins that way, marabas that way. The project is very important in this respect. The results of this project will provide a much larger contribution than the project. Because Turkey now says I have too. Let's do it, let's do it, let's combine our power and support the need. Turkey in an ideal location for this business. It is also important that the certification project coincides with the liberalization of railways. These things are teamwork. Everyone gave each other a hands-on project. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. E


I If the railway had not been able to take care of this, we could talk about the high-speed train, the renewed roads and the modern rail production, modern said Yıldırım. Minister Yıldırım continued his speech: eni The UK is discussing the high speed train and there is no one in the US. YHT high-level bureaucrats from Ankara to Eskisehir, Ankara, 'YHT is very beautiful' he says. I would like to thank all the trainers for giving this pride to our people. Gur

He reiterated that the railways were liberalized. He said that this project was not only for the employees of TCDD General Directorate. Yıldırım also commented on the Tenth Development Plan and said, N We will make at least a 5 2 high speed train line in the next 500 year. With each other in Turkey's hosting the 37 14 million population invention, we'll have a fast train, "he said.


Minister Yıldırım, the development of railways will continue to increase by saying, ini Now the wheel turned, the acceleration began to increase. After that, he can't stop whoever he wants. Because no more railroaders believe. Our nation has always been passionate about the railways. Railways still have the service can not. Because railways are not only transport, it is the folklore of this country, it is a culture, it is the symbol of its independence. Whatever we do with railways. It was not possible to eliminate the neglect of years in the 10 year, but we surpassed the slope. Yıl


TCDD General Director Süleyman TCDD Staff Foundation to spend a National Vocational Qualification System Project implemented if Karaman to implement the occupational standards and certification system applied in the EU countries in Turkey, RAYDER and Railway Transporters said they create RAY-test consists Association. Karaman, who stated that they made the definition of 18 profession on railways and determined their standards, also stated that they established the examination and evaluation center simultaneously. Karaman, "From now on both public and private sector in the profession of the people who do the railway profession certification will be provided through this system," he said.

Karaman pointed out that they realized the project by using pre-accession funds and that only the 323 thousand Euro cost of the project is 45 thousand Euro, the TCDD Foundation meets.

Head of Central Finance and Contract Unit Muhsin Altun, Chairman of the Vocational Qualifications Authority Bayram Akbaş also made a speech at the end of the program Minister Yildirim, successful in the exam 10 machine workers gave their certificates. Yıldırım, who gave his certificates to the mechanics Murat Yılmaz and Metin Gedik on behalf of the 8 machinist who could not participate in the program because he was on duty, said, katı The machinists are busy. They don't even have time to get a certificate. May Allah helpers. Allah Minister Yıldırım then invited the stakeholders to the stage. The ceremony ended after mutual plaques were given.


In order to meet qualified and certified personnel needs of railway sector, and to perform examinations and personnel certification activities; Established in accordance with the “National Qualification System and Establishment of Examination and Certification Center in the Railway Sector X, which was organized by TCDD, RAYTEST was founded on March 02 in cooperation with TCDD Foundation, RAYDER and DTD. The national standards of the 2013 profession were determined within the scope of the project that the EU also provided support and 277.458 Euro grant loans. RAYTEST organizes exams according to the criteria defined in the national qualification and contributes to the development of the sector by carrying out the examination and certification activities of the railroaders.

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