Raybüs 1 from Kırıkkale Ankara will start in July

Raybüs 1 from Kırıkkale Ankara will start in July
Kırıkkale Ekspres (Raybüs), which runs between Kırıkkale and Ankara because of road works, will start the campaign again after the end of the works. 1 It is expected that the public will benefit greatly from the railroad which is expected to start in July.
Kırıkkale Express which is canceled due to road works comes again after a long break. The fact that 30 is entering the hizmte after a short break like daily has created happiness among citizens.
Raybüs, which has already occupied all its seats, largely meets the expectations of those who go to the capital Ankara, especially in the morning. Raybüs, who will be moving in 05.45 and 12.25 in Kırıkkale, will depart from Ankara with 08.40 and 18.20.
The service will be made in two trips mutually in a large number of people will be provided. Citizens, who expressed their satisfaction with the service, thanked the authorities.
Citizens, zev Allah (cc) to our state should not taste. We're over the road. Returned to the old system. We started to make a comfortable journey right now. Şu
Kırıkkale Express, Kirikkale'den morning 05.45 and lunch 12.45'ta Ankara, indicating that the TCDD Gar Director Derviş Kirlioğlu, Ankara and the evening 08.40 18.20'ta Kirikkale said that the move.
Kırıkkaleli citizens are victims of a single time and said that the expedition was double-out again Director Derviş Kirlioğlu, Elmadag-Kayas between the completely renewed of the road after the citizens will make a journey more comfortable and faster, he said.
Director Kirlioğlu said that the flights will start in July by the end of this month, so 1 said, X The majority of our Kırıkkaleli citizens are working in Başkent Ankara. In this, they prefer our economically economical raybüsün. I hope that our XBRX 1 will restart flights in July. We are pleased with everyone as well as this. Bu

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