Izmir Aliaga, Turkey's largest integrated way to becoming a logistics center

Izmir Aliaga, Turkey's largest integrated way to becoming a logistics center
AZERBAIJAN President Ilham Aliyev in Baku Expo Center in the capital by the opening of the 20th Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition, SOCAR Turkey visited the booth.

Yesterday in Baku Expo Center on the 20th that Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition Opening with President Aliyev, visited by SOCAR President Rovnag by Abdullayev and SOCAR Turkey President Kenan Yavuz, the company was given a comprehensive briefing about the activities and investment projects in Turkey . Aliyev, SOCAR stated that 2018 Turkey's great pleasure the goal of being one of the three major groups, for the year 2023 revised this target, he said SOCAR is that Turkey wants to see as the biggest industrial company.
SOCAR Turkey Kenan Yavuz President also reminded that the privatization of Petkim over 5 years now. Yavuz said that during this period, an investment of $ 327 million was made in Petkim, and the amount of ongoing investments is $ 114 million. STAR Refinery, Petkim Container Port and STEP Power Plant until 2018 with only Petkim Peninsula to $ 9 billion Yavuz explaining that they have invested, "Our goal with the 2018 to 15 billion dollars in turnover in 20 to become one of Turkey's three largest groups. Mr. President Aliyev asked us to revise this goal as the first in 2023. We firmly believe that we will achieve this goal by working harder. So far Petkim, the STAR Refinery, Petkim Container Port, STEP Power Plant and Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP), SOCAR started the project, covering the years 2008 to 2018 10 years, will make a total investment of $ 17 billion to Turkey. This amount of investment in Turkey to more than $ 1923 billion in direct foreign investment between 2003 to 3 years, "he said.


Kenan Yavuz emphasized that 70% of the field arrangement works were completed at the STAR Refinery, where excavation works are continuing in the Petkim Peninsula, and that they have signed the agreements involving the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) processes of the refinery with four leading companies in the world under the leadership of the Spanish Tecnicas Reunidas, He said that they spent about 200 million dollars from equity. STAR Refinery 51 months after Yavuz that the information will be commissioned in Petkim Peninsula, but also in port, energy, logistics and will provide distribution integration in Turkey, so that said they would increase the competitiveness of Turkey.


The first stage will be completed in 2015. Petkim Container Port on the record that, starting gravel test piles SOCAR President of Turkey Kenan Yavuz, one of the ports and logistics investments with Turkey's most strategic industries of the Aliaga, Turkey's largest integrated transportation to the point of being a logistics center He said they were aiming. In this context, Yavuz noted that they have signed a long-term operation agreement with APM Terminals, one of the Moller-Maersk Group companies, and reminded that test piling and sea dredging operations have started, and the first phase of the port construction will be completed after 24 months.

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