Tramways in Eskişehir (Photo Gallery)

Tramways in Eskişehir
The crash of another tram that was coming from behind a tram waiting for passengers at the Çarşı stop on 2 Eylül Street in Eskişehir caused a short-term panic among the passengers and the surrounding citizens.

8 numbers from the direction of the bus station, tramway, waiting to go to the direction of the tram lightly hit the back. Both the passengers and the citizens in the area were worried about the sound and the shaking. The trolleys clashing with each other almost made the boiler small and not cause any damage to the relaxation of the boiler. Municipal officials and citizens on the incident showed sensitivity and ran to the trams. Citizens accumulated at the station, after the incident appeared scattered. Some citizens, especially those who use trams should be very careful from now on, while others said that the accident was overlooked thanks to the attention of the stroller using the multiplier tram.

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