Siemens 400 kilometers speeding trains coming to Turkey

German company Siemens sells seven high speed trains to TCDD. Siemens will also undertake the technical maintenance of the trains, which will cost 285 million Euros for seven years. It was learned that the high-speed trains will be used on the Istanbul-Ankara and Ankara-Konya lines.

Siemens Rail Systems Division Chief Jochen Eickholt, "large investments into the future with this rail system sales for Siemens is the meaning entering Turkey." said.

While TCDD is making big investments in the rail system, it aims to lay 2020 thousand kilometers of high-speed train rails for 10. In the framework of this target it is expected to give Turkey a total of 180 pieces of high-speed train order.

Siemens-Velaro models are known as the fastest traction vehicle in the world at a speed of 403 kilometers per hour. Velaro type high speed train models produced by Siemens are used in China, Spain and Russia. It is expected to solve the problems in the rail systems in order to use the trains that cover the distance of 625 kilometers between Madrid and Barcelona in Spain in 2,5 hours in Spain. Due to these problems, 16 trains can not be serviced.

Source: Nationality

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