3. Is the Airport a Chance or a Risk?


  1. Is the Airport a Chance or a Risk?
  2. airport construction process of the project, will establish how a connection with the city, will create economic and social impacts, UL, which düznlen by Turkey 'Airport City and Istanbul Example: Urban Development in airports Effect' panel focused on.

22,1 billion euros, a record figure of Limak-Cengiz-given to the Kolin-Mapa-Kalyon consortium, and later to begin construction within a year targeted 3. making process of the airport project, hometown how to establish a connection, will create economic and social impacts, ULI by Turkey It was discussed in the "Airport Cities and the Case of Istanbul: The Impact of Airports in Urban Development". The speakers of the panel, which was held at the Building-Industry Center (YEM) and moderated by Tavit Köletavitoğlu from Atlas Land and Business Development, are journalist Mustafa Sönmez, Mentor Project Management & ITU Real Estate Development Graduate Program Faculty Member İlhami Akkum and the project's architect Sidney Rasekh. happened.

Airports as an economic activity center

Tavit Köletavitoğlu, who showed the airports as one of the most determining factors in the emergence of city macro forms that evolved from a single center to decentralization, emphasized that airports have become the center of an economic activity beyond just flying from one place to another. Giving the example of Singapore, which is actually a colonial city, Kölevitoğlu stated that the large capacity airport, port and accommodation investments that the city determined as a target in time were the subject of ridicule by many American universities; however, he noted that today such decisions are seen as an example of what kind of planning instrument can be used. Istanbul, Turkey's position and economic potential and hence a region in the center and that it has a chance to be pointing in that claim that Köletavitoğlu strengthen with each passing day; He said that he did not personally oppose a new airport, but thought that his place should be in the west rather than in the north of the city. Köletavitoğlu noted that he conveyed this opinion to the authorities with a letter he wrote, and also drew attention to the engineering problems that would result from the physical condition of the area designated for the airport in the north. Expressing his concerns about the green fabric in the region, Köletavitoğlu added that Atatürk Airport was transformed into a real civilian area and enlarged as an alternative:

“Two parallel runways at Ataturk Airport cannot be used sufficiently because the safety lanes between them do not meet the standards. A 900-meter inward transfer in Florya and the security lane between the runways can be brought up to standards that will not risk flight safety. The functions such as military and mereorology can be shifted to other places and Atatürk Airport can be a real civilian area. Moreover, the resource you need to do this corresponds to 10 to 15 percent of the budget you will allocate for the new airport project.

Let's fall off the side of Istanbul now

Mustafa Sönmez, who argues that when discussing big projects such as the 3rd airport to be built in Istanbul, it is necessary to think with the reflection of the metropole, the region and the country in general, but the correct results can be achieved in this integrity, the 3rd airport, the 3rd bridge, the new cities, and Kanal İstanbul, he said. 30 years of Turkey's integration into the world economy is in the process of signing to major wrong thrown, Istanbul oriented Sonmez argued that a capital structure and growth model adopted; He said that the focus was on the rent of Istanbul, the chance of being an exporter and industrialist country was lost, and the agricultural sector was damaged. Noting that the public now invests in neither industry nor energy, Sönmez stated that this growth form focusing on the Istanbul rent cannot be reversed. Sönmez said, “There is also an issue of illegalness,” and that none of the projects discussed today are included in the Istanbul Environmental Plan. Emphasizing that there is no other Istanbul and the region in question is the lungs of the city, Sönmez said, “Why is this Istanbul insistence? Now it should be deducted from the collar of Isnabul; Turkey should go to a paradigm shift. A new road map should be worked on. ”

Turkey's 'aerotropolis' potential

After Mustafa Sönmez spoke İlhami Akkum in Turkey 'aerotropolis / airport city' refers to locations that had the potential to create. For example, despite the fact that Sabiha Gökçen Airport is located in the middle of an enormous transportation network and project portfolio, Akkum pointed out that the difference that a macro form like 'aerotrpolis' can make cannot be seen by anyone; He noted that some small enterprises undertaken are far from providing the benefit of an interface consisting of technoparks, industrial and commercial units and business centers. Akkum explained that the Çubuk-Esenboğa-Pursaklar axis in Ankara and the Çukurova Regional Airport project implemented in the Adana-Mersin region offer similar potentials.

Istanbulites should focus on real issues

Reminding that he spent 2,5 years to plan the project, Sidney Rasekh said; He complained that there were good ideas in the planning stage in Istanbul, but these ideas could not be put into practice as they should be. Rasekh stated that he has examined every possible point within the borders of Istanbul to determine the location of the new airport and that the Black Sea coast has come to the fore as the most suitable location, and that the proposal to implement the project on the sea as an alternative is not accepted. Stating that he was trying to position the project in a way that would cause minimal damage to the Northern forests during the planning phase and that he tried to create a flexible structure suitable for expansion in order not to need a new airport, Rasekh stated that this flexible design was not preferred for the application. Stating that a nice project has emerged despite everything, Rasekh said that he thought it would be more beneficial to investigate what could be done socially instead of just criticizing the airport. Stating that he placed the new city, which is planned to be established in his own design, especially in the mining area, but later learned that this project was shifted to the Kayaşehir region, Rasekh said in summary:

“Yes, efforts must be made to protect the Northern forests; I wanted a new one to be replaced with each tree to be removed. The connection of the new airport to the city and Sabiha Gökçen Airport is a very critical issue. Because otherwise you will have to build new highways and this will be an element that triggers building around. My suggestion to Istanbul residents is to come together and focus on the main problems of the city. The most important of these is the reduction of the number of cars. Also, foresting concepts should be discussed; new green areas should be created. Agricultural activities should return to Istanbul. The city is asked not to grow to the north; but I do not find it correct for Istanbul to expand towards Edirne.
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