Train accident in Argentina, 3 dead 100s injured

Train accident in Argentina, 3 dead 100s injured
It was reported that 3 people died and more than 100 passengers were injured in a train accident in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Authorities, in the morning hours in the Moron area of ​​a suburban train 2 a train between the 2 station, said that another train hit.

After the accident, some passengers with trains from their own facilities and informed the authorities were learned. Passengers trapped in the wreck were rescued by search and rescue teams sent to the scene.

Ruben Sobrero, the leader of the Railways Union, said that the two-story commuter train was not used for 6 for months and that he started to travel again a few days before due to the intensity.

It is not yet clear why the train ahead is waiting for the 2 station and why the other train is unable to stop in time.

Buenos Aires witnessed a train accident last year, in which 51 people were killed and 700 people were injured. After last year's accident, President Cristina Fernandez has promised that those responsible will be brought to justice and that necessary measures will be taken to improve the safety of passengers on suburban trains. Fernandez, who had abolished the consortium founded by brothers Mario and Sergio Crigliano, who owned the majority of companies responsible for the maintenance of railways in Argentina, had established a state-controlled consortium for the operation and maintenance of suburban lines.

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