2nd Stage Works of Light Rail System in Adana Continues

2nd Stage Works of Light Rail System in Adana Continues
It was reported that the second phase of the light rail system, which is announced to be made by the Ministry of Transportation and known as the "subway", is continuing.
In a written statement from the Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that the municipality submitted a report to the ministry officials in Ankara regarding the issue and that the technical team from the Ministry of Transport conducted a series of examinations on the metro route.

Later, the Ministry of Transportation General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments 4 technical team of people, met with Metropolitan Mayor Deputy Mind Zihni Aldırmaz recorded for a while.

It was reported that the team, which gave Aldırmaz information on the subject, also exchanged views on the 2nd stage of the subway.

The statement also stated that the Ministry of Transport technical team, who received information about the 1st stage from the authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation during their stay in Adana, who will also work on the route of the 2nd stage, will convey their work to the ministry with a report they will prepare when they return to Ankara. .

Source : I beyazgazete.co

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