29 3 in October in Istanbul-Ankara

29 3 in October in Istanbul-Ankara
Since they moved to Feneryolu, my parents' biggest entertainment was to take the train to Pendik.
They're tied up with routine, they're picking up at the station at regular intervals, like they're on a contract.
The other day they said, iler There is no train anymore Geçen; Kullanıl The train will not be used for two years.
Do we die until we open?
Let me give the good news to everyone who uses our train and the train, or even more:
Yes, the train is being taken care of, but this process will be reused a few months later.
And the main bomb, the three-year-long high-speed train 29 is in service in October.
5 billion dollar project, Turkey brings to the position of one of the eight countries with fast train.
In the system where there is a tunnel of 50 km, there is no mechanic, everything is managed by computer.
This is the death of human error that we saw a while ago to cause the death to zero.
There will be only 3 hours between Istanbul and Ankara with the high-speed train that will have private rooms and restaurants.
Those who go to Ankara by plane know that there is a significant distance from the airport to the city center and you will spend more than just airplane travel to the center when there is traffic.
However, by train 3 hour from Istanbul in Ankara city center, we can be in the garage.
And without waiting, without a call!
There is more; train ticket prices are expected to be around 70-80 lira.
There are also those who say “Just between Istanbul and Ankara?“.
Of course not.
250 from Istanbul to Sivas by train between 5,5 and Istanbul-Konya at 5.
The Istanbul-Izmir motorway, which is expected to be opened at 2015, is also undergoing a high-speed train tender for the Istanbul-Izmir road, which will be launched on 4.
You will understand that there is a solid alternative to aircraft and bus journeys.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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