Sound Barriers of High Speed ​​Train Line to İzmit City Pass (Photo Gallery)

Sound Barriers to Izmit Urban Crossing of High Speed ​​Train Line
In the city pass of Izmit, the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project, which will run between ISTANBUL and Ankara and which is attempted to be raised for the 29th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic on October 90, this year, sound-proofing barriers are placed in order to prevent the residences in the residential units from being affected.

High Speed ​​Train Line works, which will reduce the train journey between Istanbul and Ankara to 3 hours, continue at full speed. For the completion of the YHT line, which is planned for the October 29 Republic Day, the Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım frequently visits the region and receives information, and there are many buildings in the crossing of the Izmit Beach road of Cumhuriyet Mahallesi. While asking residents to ask what noise would occur during the high-speed train passage and also to answer whether the majority of the buildings here would be affected by the Marmara Earthquake before 17 August 1999, sound barriers were set up in this area to prevent noise. Employees reported that the installation of sound barriers has started and also the High Speed ​​Train Technical building is being built next to the Izmit Station building.

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