Truck transporting iron sheet to YHT line

Truck transporting iron sheet to YHT line
In Bursa, a truck car carrying an iron plate hit the construction of the YHT line. Suat Tunç lost his life in the accident
AA '' High-Speed ​​Train '' line construction in Bursa, carrying iron, Kestel from the truck driving towards the direction of Mudanya, wanted to enter the construction site without a cut. It was learned that he lived and worked in Istanbul. Under the direction of Suat Tunç, the car was hit by iron plates hanging about 4 meters behind the truck. The upper part of the car cut by the iron plates was broken. Suat Tunç, who was seriously injured in the accident and his body, was taken to hospital. Tunç, despite all the interventions here, could not be saved and died.


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