Which villages hit the third airport lottery

Which villages hit the third airport lottery
3 auctioned on Friday. the airport also increased the value of the surrounding villages.
3. determination of bridges and connection roads, 3. the marina project at the airport and the preliminary project phase resulted in an increase in land prices in the triangle of Karaburun-Yeniköy-Tayakadın on the European side of Istanbul. Hurriyetemlak.com General Coordinator Ahmet Kurşunlu, Hurriyetemlak.com according to the data in Karaburun, the current land prices in the maritime residential land in the price of the square meter price 550-650 pounds, the construction plan for the construction of land in Yeniköy not yet have the desired sale price of square meters in the 200- 300 lira is around, he said. Indeki Prices in Tayakadın are doubled compared to the previous year, Karab said Kurşunlu. Recently 3. determination of bridges and connection roads, closure of the mine near the mine, 3. The region is becoming the center of attention for investors due to factors such as airport and preliminary project development marina project. havalim


Kurşunlu noted that the region attracted attention with its proximity to the center of Istanbul and its virgin structure. 3. 3 with the connection of the bridge connection roads and the route of the Northern Marmara Motorway. airport project will contribute to the development of the region. We can also observe the mobility in the region from the ads on the Hurriyetemlak.com website and the requests received from these ads. Böl


TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Company Director of Special Projects Selçuk Suiçmez; Simultaneously with the said developments, the region's mining quarries and various marinas, such as investments in the region to come up with the agenda of the region began to increase the value of good said. Suiçmez stated that the marina is among the plans for the project to be implemented in the medium term to evaluate the lack of marina capacity on the Black Sea coast.


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