Railway Rail Laying Work to Van Osb

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Van Deputy Mustafa Bilici stated that Van, which will benefit from incentives because it is in the 6th region, is in a more advantageous position, and working on building a railway line from the Organized Industrial Zone to the train station.

Continuing his visits to the city within the scope of the solution process, Mustafa Bilici visited Van Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) Chairman of the Board Sinan Hakan and the board of directors with his party members. Making a statement about the visit here, Bilici emphasized the importance of Van, which will benefit from incentives, in the 6th region. Explaining that Van, Şanlıurfa and Diyarbakır stand out in this incentive, Bilici said, “Whoever prepares and presents the necessary conditions first, he / she will step forward. Van for investment; It is more important than Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa. Because it has a market like Iran. Van and via Turkey to be opened to the world will benefit Iran. That's why we have such a market and Van is in an important position for investment. With the completion of the Şırnak road, Van will reach better points in a short time. Many investors will come here and make the necessary investments. It is said that there are still very rich mineral deposits in Hakkari. OIZs are needed for processing these areas. I respect every businessman who puts his hands on the stone, hammer a nail and employs a worker. We are ready to serve them. Entrepreneurs no longer have an excuse that "we went and couldn't hold on". Cities are now competing here, we will be able to provide all kinds of convenience for this. We will prepare these environments, ”he said.

He added that all kinds of grounds are ready for the investors to come and there are many applications on this subject. Mustafa Bilici said that they continue their studies on OIZ.

Bilici said, Bil We are working on building a railway line from the OIZ to the railway. A feasibility study was prepared. It will soon come to life. Van deserves it by its location. We should not miss this opportunity and turn it into an advantage. Bu

Van Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) Chairman Sinan Hakan, expressed satisfaction with the visit, said that Van lived in Gaziantep 10 years ago.

Hakan said that everything that needs to be cared about should be cared for. Erse 1 is the support of the company that manages to produce more people and the ones that are important. We can't win by producing. Van also needs industry. The biggest encouragement to Van is the stopping of the Sirnak highway as soon as possible. It is more important to me than Kapıköy. 5 has a difference between our current state and our current situation. OSB means Van. We brought the DAKA here, and I think it should be here in KOSGEB. TSE should come, TS he said.

After the speeches, the meeting ended with the reception of refreshments.

Source: White Newspaper

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