Uzungöl 2 Bin 350 Meters

📩 24/11/2018 12:06

Uzungöl 2 Bin 350 Meters
Turkey's most important tourism centers in the cable car in the town of Trabzon, Uzungol Çaykara reached the end of the project. 12 million Euro cost between the Uzungöl and Garester Plateau project will be implemented between the authorities of the company will perform the authorities, came to Uzungöl and made the examination. At the end of the examination, there were no problems related to the project.

Providing information about the project, Deputy Mayor of Uzungol Karamoz Karagoz, Uzungol ropeway project in the event of the number of tourists in Trabzon will increase, he said.

Karagöz stated that the cable car will consist of one cabin in the project to be built in Uzungöl.

Karagöz stated that the ropeway would be an 8 kilometer in length, said: ağ We will implement the system without even cutting a single tree. In the Black Sea, which has been flooded by tourists in summer months, everything was completed for the cable car project prepared to mobilize winter tourism in Uzungöl. The delegation came and did no problem. Finally the protocol will be signed after the first dig for the project will be thrown

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