Urfada Road Çökerten Bridge

In Sanliurfa the collapse of SSK Koprulu junction occurred. The second crash, which occurred in the opposite lanes of the road in a month, irritates the drivers.
At the crossroads of SSK Köprülü, which is located opposite the Balıklıgöl State Hospital, there was a collapse in the daytime hours. Due to the collapse of the road from the city center to the city center, a pit of about half a meter depth was formed.
After the collapse of the road pontoon and warning signs were placed. In the direction of the city center of the interchange, the vehicle traffic is controlled in a controlled manner. Over the past few weeks, a crash has occurred in the opposite lane of the same bridge. The second slump in the same road in a month has made the driver uneasy. In addition, last year, the TIR accident was damaged as a result of the repair work on the bridge was initiated. Due to the operation, vehicle traffic is provided in the entrance of Sanliurfa Gaziantep Tunnel tunnel.

Source: sanliurfa



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