Inevitable process in Tüvasaş Erol İnalla will begin

Inevitable process in Tüvasaş Erol İnalla will begin
I'm not against privatization; a State Economic Enterprise (SEE), which is bulky, financially and socially burdened to the state, unable to balance its budget and owed to other institutions, is a burden for the state.

For; a state-owned enterprise comes to the forefront for social purposes, not for profit. This is the difference between the state and the private sector.

It is not possible to talk about efficacy as an institution that has a social purpose in the foreground cannot provide profit. Therefore, privatizations are supported by governments. This is the case in the US in EU countries.

Are there any exceptions? Of course there is. There are also institutions that give importance to the competition and emphasize the corporate identity and are open to innovation. The first thing that comes to my mind is that Turkish Airlines or PTT comes to the fore in logistics and banking transactions.

These are subject to beautiful developments. The cumbersome ones become special and the sectors that are open to innovation come to the fore.

Although I advocate the privatization of inefficient and cumbersome institutions, I would like to express my opposition to the privatization of unrivaled and strategic institutions. Because the privatization of such places will definitely form a monopoly, and the control of the prices will be quite difficult. For example; Privatization of electricity distribution, privatization of telecom etc. Elektrik

I don't want to enter deeply because this is a separate article topic for customizations Bu

After this brief introduction to Tüvasaş issue Bu

Now the most talked about topic, will Tüvasaş be customized? Isn't it going to be special? How efficient is it if it is customized?

I'm sure that Tüvasaş will be specialized in the coming years. This has several bases.

  1. Tüvasaş does not currently have a production plan. (Only the former general manager Ibrahim Ertiryaki has a wagon agreement in time) There is no production plan signed by the current general manager Erol Inal.
  2. Tüvasaş is no longer on the agenda with production and investment news. This gives public appearance ”Tüvasaş is inefficient, it hurts Bu.

  3. Tüvasaş has raw materials and materials worth a million TL (although there is no production plan) to be used in production. They are also used to store them. These are now idle.

  4. Closed security inside the factory to be thrown in the warehouse of the materials thrown in the security was placed. That sounds interesting to me.

  5. There is no sale of wagons, raw materials or important parts are taken to the non-manufacturing factories. These parts are also idle.

  6. In the past, raw materials and materials were taken from the domestic producer around the 80s, but now this rate has fallen to around 60.

It is possible to increase the samples. Now I can look into this course and say that Tüvasaş will be customized in the coming period.

In this process, I do not think that managers have financial and administrative errors. I think this is a privatization policy and this process will become even sharper during the time of General Manager Erol Inal. For; No single data and work on production planning. Only the order will be completed. General Manager 15 will retire after the age limit.

Moving to the factory's Ferizli general manager Inal does not know whether the time grows. If Tüvasaş is a large and non-profitable organization that contributes to this city and the country, it must be kept alive by the state. If he does, he will have no choice but to privatize.

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