Poet and Writers Participated in Turkish Caravan

Poet and Writers Participated in Turkish Caravan
This year, 09-13 May 2013 736 to be held within the scope of Karaman Turkish Language Day activities prepared within the Turkish Train caravan poets and writers were included. From Izmir up Afyon-Konya-Karaman, which will follow the route will take place in Turkish Train leading 16 poets and writers in Turkey, both scientists with 180 university students in both train citizens in the station and the station will stop the train 'Poetry, novels and The language of criticism will tell Turkish. the first time such a project that striking signatures thrown poets and writers in Turkey, believes that language contributes to the development of the activity.

The 736th Karaman Turkish Language Festival will be held between 09-13 May 2013 as Turkish is the official language. The Turkish Train prepared within the scope of the events will depart from Izmir this year. The Turkish Train will be sent off to the capital of Turkish, Karaman on May 9, from Izmir Alsancak Station with the theme "Romanian Turkish, Turkish as the Language of Poetry, and Turkish as the Language of Criticism". Local administrators, scientists, academics and university students of the train will be found, it will take place this year, 16 leading poets and writers in Turkey. Poets and writers will explain "Romanian Language Turkish, Poetry Turkish, Criticism Turkish" at conferences to be held within the scope of the events.

The author Güray Süngü emphasized that Dil Bayramı is a beautiful project for keeping the Turkish language alive. Stating that poets and writers were included in the project for the first time, Süngü underlined that it is important that authors take part in the project. Süngü stated that there is a very fast period, ifade In contrast, literature is a very calm thing. It is important to maintain the existence of the language in a period when the human life is accelerated by technological developments and not to remain as it is, but to continue its existence by enriching. It will be very useful for the authors to participate in this event. Scientists, linguists to sit and decide something, of course, beautiful. On the other hand, they are the main writers who use the language as a living thing. Öte

The writer and poet Vural Kaya considered the event as an important project in the name of culture and art. Kaya said that he expects other institutions to sign similar projects and added, kurum I believe that Turkish Train will be a modern example. It is a very remarkable and important event that the artists who make the language the most are the ones who are thinking about it. Chamber music-style academic meetings with very few participants at a time when business is brought to the fore the life of the artists who bring the language to the forefront of the Turkish Language Festival is an important sign of the signature.

In 2007, Turkey Writers' Union, in 2012 Literature Art and Culture Research Association's' Best essayists of the Year 'as chosen by the poet and writer Mehmet Ayci, emphasized language development to the importance of Turkish Train's terms. “Describing the Turkish Train as poetic as much as possible, Aycı said,“ When the geography of our language, the development phase and the journey of Turkish are considered, the meaning of the Turkish Train gets deeper. And of course the Turkish Train, which is important in terms of the equivalent of the train in these lands. The people of Anatolia met the train with many artistic and cultural activities. With the theater, the cinema, the library… The continuation of the same tradition after 80 years, especially during the High Speed ​​Train period, is important for writers and poets as well as the equivalence of railways and railways in these lands… I think the journey will be efficient. used the expressions.

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