TÜDEMSAŞ will be number one in Turkey

TÜDEMSAŞ will be number one in Turkey
Burhanettin Chairman AK Party Sivas dry, giving important information about their and their respective studies, in recent days the public preoccupied TÜDEMSAŞ is not concerned the privatization and said TÜDEMSAŞ would be 1 number in Turkey.

In recent days, public Dry striking descriptions found in one of the subjects on the agenda which is quite occupied with the özellş TÜDEMSAŞ performed, it is very important for TÜDEMSAŞ TÜDEMSAŞ Sivas and said it would be number one in Turkey.

Dry, için TÜDEMSAŞ is very important for Sivas. Sivas is also a railway city. We have such a central position, 4. You know the territory in Sivas. Sivas, with the production of wagons, has been a center throughout the history of the Republic. However, in recent years, TÜDEMSAŞ has gradually started to become an organization that has lost its competitive power. Of course, the work on this is continuing. As a result of our meetings with our minister, deputies and bureaucrats, we discussed what we can do to get TÜDEMSAŞ up. Certainly and absolutely no privatization of TÜDEMSAŞ. The transfer of TÜDEMSAŞ from Sivas is not in question. The relocation of TÜDEMSAŞ is also out of question. We are trying to make TÜDEMSAŞ an even more competitive institution. In this way, we want to increase employment here. TÜDEMSAŞ will continue to grow by expanding its technology. Employment is also going to be increased, we take about a month 108 people in approximately two months. There will also be new purchases at the end of the year. I hope this year will find the manufacture of wagons 1000 and we would like to increase the production of 4-5 per year from next year. So far, we have been manufacturing 400-500 wagons annually. We will make TÜDEMSAŞ grow and grow.

I would also like to specify; We have no declaration so far about the acquisition of TUDEMSAS by our minister, deputies and us. They are either written or written outside our will. We are doing serious work on TUDEMSAS. You will see this in time, our explanation is not right now. However, in the area of ​​their specialty, work is done in the manufacture of wagons. We will do a number TÜDEMSAŞ in Turkey, "he said.

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