Eskişehir: We Don't Want Tram

The residents of Yunus Kent Site reacted to the fact that the Emek-71 Evler Line, which is under the scope of the project to extend the existing tram lines, will pass through the Yenidogan District of Gulkan Street.

Making a statement on behalf of the residents of the site, Mete Ol said that the Metropolitan Municipality carried the line to the street without consulting the site residents and without information. Emphasizing that the line should pass through the 1st Cold Demirciler Street according to the previous plan, Mr. Ol said, “Although the width of our street was 7 meters and the width of the 1st Soğuk Demirciler Street before the plan was changed, it was changed with our 20 meter street upon the pressure of some people”.

Indicating that 248 households use the existing road, Met said, “The entrance of the 4 blocks here is from this street. Site residents are victims. We expect attention from the authorities. In addition, we are considering filing a lawsuit with the Eskişehir Regional Administrative Court. Municipal officials should not start excavation and processing here for nothing. "I think the decision will be taken to stop the execution" he said.

Citizens participating in the action often shouted slogans like "We don't want the tram. Citizens argued that if the tram passes through this street, there will be problems in service procurement and the safety of their children will be endangered. Citizens dispersed peacefully after the action they carried out. -

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