Traffic waiting crisis: How many minutes will Bursa T1 Tram voyage expedition

Traffic waiting crisis: How many minutes will Bursa T1 Tram voyage expedition
The tram will be the star of urban transportation. However, another concern arose regarding tramway planning. This is the concern that the tramway interval, which is initially planned to pass every 5 minute, is reduced to 2 minutes, which will lock critical junctions and the city.

When the news put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality Press Office was sent to our e-mail, we, with an old friend who was a technical man trained in transportation planning. sohbetwe ate

We were talking about whether the Viaduct of Çatalfır should be lifted.
Our readers know our thesis… After the closure of Cumhuriyet Street to the vehicle traffic, the intersections of the vehicles coming from Şehreküstü and the vehicles descending in front of Zafer Plaza disappeared.
Haşim İşcan and Fevzi Çakmak two-lane traffic from the streets, Şehreküstü'den falls into a single lane to enter the viaduct. This causes traffic to swell on both streets.
The tram line from Altıparmak Street cuts the viaduct exit. From there, the tram will pass every 5 every minute, so the traffic will get bigger.
In the news bulletin, the Mayor Recep Altepe made a statement after examining the construction of the tram:
Sonunda At the end of June, the tram starts an empty expedition and walks through the streets, and with the opening of schools, passengers begin to carry. ”
To be honest…
As in the cities of the world, transportation from Bursa to rail system is important. The tram will be the color of Bursa as it will bring more comfortable transportation and add visuality to the city.
Our opinion ...
Our technician friend, who we talked about viaduct and who had transportation planning training, also participated. He also finds the tram very important for Bursa.
But there are some concerns.
“The tram is a very important urban public transport. But planning a tram is more important than an investment, edi he said.
“Initially it was said that the tramway interval would be 5 minutes. That is, the tram will pass every 5 minute from your location. ”
He stressed that:
“But I have heard that a new planning is underway to reduce the time interval to 2. I found this very critical and dangerous for Bursa city center. ”
2 is a unique opportunity for passengers to pass a tram every minute.
So what…
“You think that if the viaduct exit is interrupted when a tram passes by 5 every minute, the traffic after Şehreküstü will be inflated dost, our friend said.
Var There are some critical points where tram and wheeled vehicles intersect. For example, Stadium Square. The vehicles entering the junction where the vehicles from Merinos and the vehicles from Altıparmak and Çekirge intersect will stop for a tram ride every 2 minute. ”
“For example, when the tram turns to Uluyol at the end of İnönü Street, in front of SGK Provincial Directorate, the vehicles coming from İnönü Street will stop every 2 minutes. The vehicles that will land on Haşim İşcan from İnönü Street will stop and wait every 2 every minute. ”
He added:
“For example, when the tram leaves Darmstadt Street which we call Wednesday Bazaar and passes in front of Ipekiş on Stadium Street, the street will stop in every two minutes.”
He asked:
“There are other intersections, but these are the busiest and most critical of urban traffic. Imagine that the traffic stops every 2 every minute to pass the tram.… All of Bursa is locked. ”
And then he said:
Anız If you make 2 minutes the tramway interval, there are no other vehicles left. Only the tram runs in the city. I hope these are taken into consideration. ”
The suggestion is:
Yatırım Trams invest right, but B: can't run like ursaray. You must foresee problems. Therefore, we have to start with a slowed system instead of expeditions at very frequent intervals. ”
Here's a suggestion:
“5 minutes time interval is a good time. Maybe even a little longer. Waiting for 6-7 minutes at a stop doesn't bother anyone. ”
After talking about all this, sohbetWe returned to the very beginning:
Iron The idea of ​​removing the Çatalfır Viaduct because it will block the traffic is ironic in a planning that will make the city's critical points inexorable. I think we should wait and see if the system starts. I read in your columns that Mr. Altepe, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, thinks so. I think he thinks right…

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