Railway will descend from the Black Sea

Railway will descend from the Black Sea
Relative business man Mustafa Demirci, a hazelnut trader, Abdurrahman Süleymanoğlu, the owner of the contractor and Çakıl quarry, and the media company Turhan Sinirlioğlu, have announced that the work for the port and cement factory they will build is continuing.

The project, feasibility and CED studies, which provide information about the ongoing investment Turele Sinirlioglu partners in the Port of Port Operations in a very short time will come to the stage of laying, he said.

Sinirlioglu büyük prepare the project and our dear Governor Dursun Ali Sahin with the support of the support of the port will be the largest port of the black sea. In our works, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport personally visited and examined on-site. DLH officials also provided technical support and assistance in our depth detection studies. The information obtained from the Ministry of Transport officials and the DLH Regional Directorate does not have another port construction project in this region. Of course, the work of a port of this size is appreciated and it takes a long time.

2 will be twelve meters drawn by our port, which will be a length of one thousand meters breakwater. We are trying to make a port that even the ships of the 100 bin groston will be comfortable. The cost of the project will be around 85 million dollars. Our goal is to finish the construction in two years and to put into service the port in 2015. When the port is in service, even the black sea's stone will be gold and we will be able to export stone to the world. State Planning Organization While the biggest port of the Black Sea is standing, we think that it does not lower the railway route from another province or county.

We believe that Giresun, who is trapped between two big cities, will break his own shell. Giresun will be very popular with the next 5 investments. While the construction of the port and cement plant is going on, there will be more life in two big projects that I cannot explain in our city.

We were used to waiting for years as everything from the state to the nation. Our government today changed these habits. Instead of giving fish, the ring teaches to fish and fish. Investment in our region with the incentives and supports made easier now. When you go to Ankara for an investment, you have a great support in standing up and solving problems. We have received tremendous support and assistance from our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım, and our bureaucrats. Enough to invest as an entrepreneur we say that we are ready to support you with all the organs of the state. Üs

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