The announcement of the ethics in the metro came to the Parliament

The announcement of the ethics in the metro came to the Parliament
At the Ankara Metro Liberation Station (ANKARAY), the young couple who had been waiting on the platform and holding hands recently, said, imiz Dear passengers, please follow the rules of ethics. Do not act immoral ti shocked the announcement.

At that time, a large number of citizens in the stall reached the CHP Ankara Deputy Levent Gök, brought the issue to the agenda of the Parliament. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Capital Transportation and Natural Gas Services Project Commitment Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. (BUGSAŞ) General Manager Ruhi Kurnaz said, urn Generally, we do not have such an announcement. Get hold of the hands, I'm so sorry we don't even warn the kissers. It's not just handshaking, it's more extreme, Sadece he said.

Interior Minister Muammer Guler 's response to the request to respond to the Sky,' 'Metro officials,' Metro cameras, which is seen as inappropriate warning for young people found in the form of warning. The main function of Metro cameras is security or moral measurement? Who is waiting for the vehicle at the station, who is sitting on the morals of the citizens? Do you have a 'moral measure' instruction given to the subway officials? Ahlak he asked.
Speaking to Milliyet, Kurnaz said:
Yok Usually we don't have such an announcement. Have you ever heard of hands held? It's not just handshaking, it's more extreme. I'll give this kind of footage to the press, but I'm a prosecution.

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